“Colombia is going to be one of the musical poles for Amazon Music in Latin America”

As part of the plan to conquer more Colombian users, Amazon Music hits the market with a local editorial content team, peso billing and podcasts.

Federico Pedersen, Head for Latin America, highlighted that the objective is to promote local artists, connect with different players in the industry and continue expanding in the region.

What changes with this launch for Colombia?

We are starting with what we describe as “launch and localization”, this covers the editorial aspect, everything that happens in the Amazon Music application in terms of content, original content, playlist, stations, is supported by the development of a team of work that is now constituted in Colombia.

Why do we emphasize the editorial? Because that is where we believe that the value of everything we do in addition to the technological part is, what begins to happen is that much of that editorial content is going to be 100% focused on the Colombian audience.

What tools will national users have?

We are launching podcasts, there will be original content in that sense; the ability to do live streams within the application; the compatibility with Echo devices that allow, for example, voice interaction with ‘Alexa’, HD content (songs with CD quality) at no additional cost to the subscription and also the launch of free Amazon Music with ads.

Will the entire catalog be in HD quality?

There is a group of songs that are in better quality, about 7 million are in ultra HD, the quality of the recording studio, and there is a small group recorded in new technology. The user will have access to all these qualities.

Another announcement is that the charge will now be in pesos, why the change?

Those of us who are Latin Americans understand what it is to have a price in local currency, which had to be done. The Echo / FireTV plan will be $ 7,105 per month; the individual plan, $ 14,900 and the family one, for up to six users, $ 23,900.

Before you were with the paid version, how was the reception?

We have done very well in the region and since 2018, when we started to form local teams, we have done fantastic; because that is where we feel that we can add a very strong value to the industry in each of the territories. Latin America has become a very important region for Amazon Music Global and that is the reason why we are doing what we are doing today with Colombia; invest, create teams and bring good experiences to customers.

How many songs do they have on the platform and how do they help users to discover them?

The total catalog is 75 million and continues to grow, our mission is that everything is there, from the largest to the smallest, record labels and distributors and then that people listen to what people want to study.

Now, we have our recommendation technology, sometimes the discovery process is in asking for ambiguous things because the system solves and brings you something that you did not expect and is very interesting.

How much do you expect to grow with the deployment in Colombia?

For now, what is happening in Latin America is that we are doubling the streams, with which in Colombia we believe that something similar or even stronger will happen. One of the ways we look at how customers are accepting our content and the things we can improve is through the amount of music they listen to.

Why did you decide to open content teams in the countries?

The teams that we consolidate are a very good combination as the region develops and there is interaction between the local and regional teams. Colombia is an important country so it is one more leg of this Latin American regional team.

How does it benefit local artists?

From Amazon Music our commitment is with the entire music scene, there are artists who are already established and who do not need so much help, but there are others who are just developing and that is one of the strengths that we have, that we handle in this sense the subject to national, regional and global level.

So, Amazon Music is going to be focused on emerging Colombian artists, if any of those artists begins to transcend Colombia, surely there will be a proposal from us to work regionally: visibility, distribution, support.

If one or more artists transcend they already reach the global level in which the distribution and support of the Amazon Music team is outside of Latin America. It is the path that we see for the emerging ones, there begins to be a round trip, because just as local artists come out, we can also help other artists to arrive in Colombia.

Will Colombia become a strong market? Are Colombians good listeners?

Musically, Colombia is already positioned, with what is definitely going to be one of the musical poles for Amazon Music in Latin America along with Brazil and Mexico. Colombia has a position in the global mainstream, it is part of the global music scene, the genres that have transcended are global with what has already earned a place, we are only arriving as one more option and we believe that we are going to add value.

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“Colombia is going to be one of the musical poles for Amazon Music in Latin America”