Coldplay in Lima: Woman moves by narrating the concert to her blind partner

Coldplay in Lima: Woman narrates what happens to her blind partner. (Tik Tok)

There is no doubt that the first concert of Coldplay in Lima has left many moments to remember. The night of last Tuesday, September 13, the show of the British band was held at the National Stadium and a couple did not go unnoticed by the attendees. And it is that, a young woman who was in the field area captured some elderly gentlemen enjoying the show in her own way.

The video in which a woman dances with her partner to the rhythm of the songs of the group directed by Chris MartinIt didn’t take long for it to go viral on social media. Through the TikTok platform, several users made sure that the emotional moment was seen by thousands of people and they did not stop replicating it.

According to the netizen identified as Celeste Soria, the lady was telling her in detail everything that happened in the english concert, since the man who accompanied her was blind. This could be verified because the man carried in his hand the characteristic cane of a blind person.

“She narrated what she saw and he motivated her with the rhythm of the music”wrote about the clip where they were both hugging while dancing to The Scientist.

In another of her videos, the Internet user said that she saw them trying to take a selfie and offered to photograph them. “I decided to ask them if they wanted a photo better. They excitedly said yes.”he added to later capture them enjoying the concert.

The reactions were not long in coming and hundreds of users expressed their emotion upon seeing the moving scene. “These gentlemen are true fans”, “For these things I love Coldplay concerts”, “They are so beautiful”, “How beautiful and how noble you are to take their picture”, they wrote in their TikTok videos.

Coldplay in Lima: Married couple moves at the concert. (Tik Tok)

Another fact that also became viral in the last few hours was the romantic gesture made by a young couple. And it is that, a fanatic took the opportunity to take a ring out of his pocket and ask his partner’s hand, which she was very surprised and did not hesitate to accept. Although, it is not possible to hear the young woman’s response, everything seemed to indicate that she gave the long-awaited “Yes”, because immediately afterwards the English follower stops to put the ring on her finger and give her a big hug in the middle of the shouts and applause of the other people who surrounded them in the north stand.

The boyfriend’s gratitude was immediate and he commented on the clip of a netizen who was moved. “It was my girlfriend and I, thanks for portraying that special moment”is read in conjunction with other comments where several Internet users celebrated the romantic scene and sent their best wishes.

As is known, the English band will perform again this September 14 in Lima and the surprises and moments of joy are expected to continue. Let us remember that, for the first date, some unfortunate events were reported, such as the fake ticket scam reports to those fans who couldn’t get a ticket to the show and decided to buy from scalpers.

Fanatic proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of a Coldplay concert in Lima. (Tik Tok)


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Coldplay in Lima: Woman moves by narrating the concert to her blind partner