June 11, 2021

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Coldplay heads on a stellar journey with their video “Higher Power”

Coldplay heads on a stellar journey with their video Higher

Just a few weeks after releasing “Higher Power”, their most recent single, the British pop rock group Coldplay has presented the official video for this song, which presents the members of the band on an interstellar journey as they explore a new planet. .

With footage directed by Dave Meyers, who has previously worked with artists like Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish, we see Chris Martin and company heading to a colorful junkyard planet called Kaotica, whose language system is similar to the art with which they have promoted in social networks your new material.

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The members of Coldplay will not be alone in this new adventure, as alongside them are a peculiar group of robotic dogs, huge holograms and a street gang of dancing aliens, who are performed by the “Ambiguous Dance Company” of Seoul.

“The video is a metaphor for how, right now, we all feel alienated, removed from our world, almost as if we are on an alien planet. And lately we find love in the streets and euphoria runs through us into the stratosphere of our own energy and greater power, “Dave Meyers commented on the video in a statement.

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Coldplay first released “Higher Power” on May 7 and it has been shared online around the world more than 75 million times so far. In addition, the group has already performed it live for the first time at the Radio 1 event “Big Weekend” in the United Kingdom.

After presenting their first live presentation through the TikTok platform, it has been confirmed that Coldplay has been working on a new album during the pandemic, and that this new material will be titled “Music Of The Spheres”.

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