Coldplay: Chris Martin surprised by talking about traffic, economy and corruption during his first concert in Peru

Coldplay: Chris Martin surprises with a message in the first concert. | tiktok

Coldplay offered its first concert this tuesday september 13 amid great anticipation. As soon as she took the stage, the fans did not hesitate to applaud and express her enthusiasm. For its part, Chris Martin He thanked his fans for taking the time to attend the show despite the difficult times that Peru is experiencing today.

It is there where the artist refers to the situation that our country is going through. Although he went roughly and with the Spanish chewed on him, the leader of Coldplay He managed to excite the attendees even more, who recorded this special moment. The video soon went viral. tiktok.

“Thank you, friends, for making the effort to be here despite the difficulties of the world, of Peru, of COVID, of traffic, of the economy, of corruption,” Chris Martin is heard saying before the euphoric shout of the audience and applause.

“Tonight we are here together to celebrate, sing and dance and say thank God for life”continued the singer, expressing his love and gratitude to the “Peruvian family”.

Throughout the night, Chris Martin and his companions interacted with the public. At another time, the singer makes a request to his fans so that they enjoy the concert much more.

It all started when the British artist was about to sing “A Sky Full Of Stars”, a song in which he often asks fans around the world to disconnect from mobile devices to really be part of the show. Peru was no exception.

“I need a small favor… Is it possible, just for one song, to jump higher and sing louder? Let’s sing a little louder, and dance a little freer. Just for a song, if possible. Can we do it without cell phones, without cameras, without anything? None of that, just her heart and her body“, accurate.

Coldplay: Chris Martin moves with his message in the first concert in Peru.

The vast majority of Peruvian fans heeded the words of Chris Martin Y mobile devices were abandoned. The attendees jumped up and sang the song from start to finish.

In this first concert not everything was happiness, as many fans were left out after being scammed by resellers with fake tickets. According to those affected in TikTok, after making the respective payment in cash, the resellers delivered supposedly valid tickets. However, once the fans reached the entrance area, they were surprised that these QR codes had already been used. A couple could not contain their impotence and was caught crying while hugging.

Chris Martin asked fans to put down cell phones and sing louder at his concert | Twitter / Gian Franco Zelaya


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Coldplay: Chris Martin surprised by talking about traffic, economy and corruption during his first concert in Peru