Coachella is the example of the future of concerts

This holy weekend marked the first of two weekends dedicated to music at the Coachella Festival and YouTube prepared three channels of live broadcasts, as well as generated content with the artists and a couple of experiences only available on line for its users.

This exemplifies the exponential growth that the online channel can achieve with this type of event, and the reach for fans who, although they cannot be physically at the event, have the opportunity to connect with their favorite artists. Fifty-three percent of users globally said streaming their favorite artists or creators helped them feel that connection in recent years.

As part of the new experiences, Rivera commented that they are experimenting with NFT technology for fans to gain access to the festival, and if it works correctly, they could also implement it in future events. Another important piece of information commented on by the executive is the growth of Latin artists in this festival (the largest in its history) and the market it represents, which will now have access from their country and from the comfort of their screen, whatever it may be.

Exclusive activities for online attendees include six YouTube Premium pre-parties spread throughout the festival weekends, hosted by artists performing at the festival; live chats as part of the broadcast viewing experience available on desktop and mobile devices, a first for this type of event; the opportunity to purchase exclusive Coachella merchandise directly on the live streaming page, and even a show created with Augmented Reality technology.

Coachella is not the only festival that YouTube works with, but in addition, the company has programs dedicated to helping the development of emerging artists through financial support and, on the events side, although any festival organizer can broadcast live independently, YouTube offers its expertise, best practices and access to operational teams to other music events through sponsorship programs.

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Coachella is the example of the future of concerts