Claudia Arce refines her voice; Thursday will give a virtual concert from Mexico | DUTY

He planned it for a year, leaving nothing to chance to make it all right. LThe day Claudia Arce had waited for so long (30), the virtual concert that will offer on Thursday, starting at 9:00 p.m., from Mexico, where he has lived for more than three years.

Miss Chuquisaca and Miss Bolivia 2009 it was always related to music. It began with lyrics, then came ballads and all kinds of genres.

It is a concert in which tAll the compositions are his authorship, which he worked on in recent years, inspired by aspects of everyday life, from stories he heard, loves and heartbreaks of people around him, and even the hopes he has that better days will come soon for everyone.

Claudia Arce refines her voice Thursday will give a virtual

She will be accompanied on stage by 11 musicians, who have a remarkable career and who are usually next to renowned artists in their presentations and in their recordings. There will also be three showgirls and a technical team of cameramen, sound engineers, illuminators and producers who will be on the floor with the singer.

Before interpreting each song he will talk about it, what was inspired to write it. She thinks it’s a lot of fun to share songs that have a history, that people can relate to. The Bolivian rhythms cannot be missed, the closing will be with them and danceable.

This will be Claudia’s first presentation in a concert with a massive reach, with the peculiarity that she will be seen through social networks. He works hand in hand with the Mexican producer and composer Carlos Carreira. Then they plan to work on their first album, which could be on the market in the first half of next year.

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In the front row

Claudia Arce’s concert will be this Thursday, starting at 9:00 p.m., and it coincides with Bolivian Mother’s Day. In order to have access to it, tickets must be purchased through the Red Access platform. The price is Bs 70, general, while the VIP area costs Bs 140, which entitles you to see the backstage of the event and a personalized greeting from the artist.