Clarissa Molina at her best: In love and conducting Latin Grammy

Clarissa Molina
at her best: in love with her partner, Vicente Saavedra, and driving backstage to Latin Grammy
, that which he dreamed of the possibility of doing for years and that this Thursday, November 18, will come true.

Ready to get one more of her goals from her wall of desires, Clary is going for the next ones: making movies and series in the Anglo market, and why not, winning an Oscar.

We exclusively spoke with the beautiful Dominican, who lives one of her best moments not only at work, but also personally with her partner.

-5 years ago you were thinking how you were going to eat the next day, and today he is hosting Latin Grammy, and you are going to represent Univision at the Emmys.

Clarissa Molina: What can I complain about in life!… I am very blessed, thank God, I believe that as I have always told you, preparation attracts me what I want to achieve, the goals I want to achieve. The opportunity was given to be present at the Latin Grammys, the most important night of Latin music, this prestigious award, and to be part of that night, to be driving, showing what is happening backstage.…. For me it is a privilege, an honor. Then from there we go to New York, to the international Emmy representing the entire Univision network, is Premio Lo Nuestro 2020 nominated, imagine that we win, with all the executives, being there, all the work that was done that 2020, which was a very difficult year, really, super excited.

-When you go home and lie on your bed and look at your agenda and see everything that comes to you, what do you feel?

Clarissa Molina: Yes, in fact I am very much of that, of keeping my agenda, exactly what I have to do every hour, I see it full, the lightning bolt, it full of colors, I see that I am always doing something and I say: “Thank you” … Very grateful, obviously in the process one gets tired and many little things, many situations that have to be handled, but in the end everything is always worth itIt is not easy, it is not easy when the news arrives you get excited, and then, now to work, you have to do a lot of little things so that all that is achieved, but whenever I see my full schedule, I am very grateful.

-Two years ago in an interview you told me: “My dream is to host an award, my dream is to host the Latin Grammys”, and today it happens, do you want to see it happen or does life surprise you?

Clarissa Molina: I visualize a lot. In fact, I have my dream map, I have always pasted or on my ceiling, or on a wall to visualize what I want … I have already taken off little things that I have achieved, this goal that, obviously, I will meet next Thursday 18, but yes, always visualizing, always writing what I want, what I want… If I go back a while, the things that I have written and today I read it and say: “Wow, everything that I have achieved, as I thought at that time, and thanks to that I am doing”… So I urge a everyone who writes what they want, to declare what they want because that works a lot.

Clarissa Molina. Photo: Clarissa Molina

-How does Clarissa prepare for a Latin Grammy?

Clarissa Molina: Well with everything, and I I read about all the artists who will be there, all the people who will be presentObviously, the celebration of music, which is the most important thing that one rediscovers oneself again through a song, suddenly says: “Wow makes me think about this, it gives me this feeling, I am happy, happy for me” … That’s why I love doing awards, because I love music, and it is what moves me, what motivates me, or what makes me a little sentimental, or what turns me on suddenly, then I think it is part of me, and therefore always willing, very willing to be part of the awards.

-Who would you like to interview of all those who go?

Clarissa Molina: I think it would be super mega interesting to sit down and talk with Bad Bunny, is a person who is always involved in something, he does things very unique, he is an artist who today is super glued around the world … To tell him: “What do you feel? taken to where you are today? Maintain your team from day one? Stay true to what you feel? Apart from being controversial?”… I don’t know, I have a lot of questions for Bad Bunny.

-I’m going to re-ask you the question for Bad Bunny, what do you think is Clarissa’s key to achieving all her dreams, and achieving all these successes?

Clarissa Molina: I believe that staying true very faithful to who you are, and to your values ​​and principles, always listening to your heart, always, your heart and your instincts will never fail, it may happen from time to time, but almost always, 99% are very correct … Stay close to your family, always thank, thank for all the opportunities, for what you have, for what you don’t have, and thank the people around you very much, that is super important.

-You love music so much that you took it into your personal life with a producer and manager boyfriend … It took you a while to give your heart, why him?

Clarissa Molina: I myself say: “Wow God, how did it happen? Why did it happen?“… But it happened perfectly, I was super grateful to be living this moment, I think I waited long enough to do whatever I wanted, career-wise, and establish my nameI still have a long way to go, but I gave myself my time, my moment, which was something important. Now is the perfect time to open up to love, to complement myself in a way that can give me advice or help me achieve something. Maybe he has more knowledge than I do, so he’s like a perfect complement, and apart from that, imagine that he makes one happy at work and personally as well.

Clarissa Molina and her boyfriend
Clarissa Molina with her boyfriend. Photo: Clarissa Molina

-You were looking for a complement that would grow with you, how do you separate the work from the personal?

Clarissa Molina: We thought the other days, we are in the same industry. Nevertheless, it’s like music and television are very different, in how situations and relationships are handled, the environment is very different, so we don’t crash a lot there … He wants me to move on, that I achieved my Hollywood dream, that I continue to grow here within Univision … I believe that in a relationship the most important thing is mutual admiration, I admire him for everything he has achieved, Our Bills players for 5 consecutive years, rock, Guinness Record, many things, and at the same time, also the one who came from being like him, to achieve everything that we have achieved, and that has been key within the relationship and he perfectly understands what I do, I perfectly understand what he does, then there is no shock.

-Success is accompanied by those who also seek to hurt, especially on social networks, and especially when you are a girlfriend, how does what is said about your partner and what is said about you as a whole affect you?

Clarissa Molina: At the end of the day couples, regardless, whether it be mine or any couple in general, only know what happens between those 2 people, and at the end of the day they know what they feel … We know what we feel, how we are each one, we have taken the time to get to know each other, and I think at the end of the day the people who see us from the outside, really does not know me, as I really am at home in pajamas, in slippers, when I eat on the sofaIt is like an opinion that perhaps comes from the heart. Imagine in ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’ I received so many messages, in ‘Mira Quien Baila’, so many messages when I won that one is already more or less used to being people you know who want to draw attention simply with a comment or want to annoy. I actually feel bad with people who take the time for it.

To save it in this interview, as we have saved it previously, What is Clarissa’s next dream?

Clarissa Molina: The next dream of mine really is to enter a little more in the Anglo-Saxon Latin market, keep me as the Latina that I am, but in the Anglo-Saxon market, and to be able to start making series, movies, more in acting on that sideLet’s see if next year, God willing, I finally get a little bit of everything

And an Oscar?

Clarissa Molina: An Oscar, of course yes, of course, I already visualize myself with the dress, makeup, hair, everything, walking on the carpet, and don’t even see what I can do not only in the Anglo-Saxon market, but with a Latin production, because Today we Latinos are sweeping and Latin movies have already been seen winning Oscars. So who knows God willing.



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Clarissa Molina at her best: In love and conducting Latin Grammy