Chronicle of the Amaral concert in Zaragoza: A jump to the triple mortal color

With a glass helmet that covered his entire head and a scenography with colored crystals at the back of the stage, Eva Amaral did not want to make the Zaragoza public wait any longer to the rhythm of Signs to kick off the last concert of the group’s tour Jump to color in view of 6,500 people in the Príncipe Felipe de Zaragoza pavilion. And the spectators have responded as expected, chanting and dancing from that first song to the songs of a duo that, two years later than originally planned, they were finally able to materialize at home the closing of a very special tour.

Juan Aguirre and Eva Amaral They have been the absolute focal points of the concert, although very well sheltered by the band composed of Alex Moreno (drums), Pablo Fergús (keyboardist), Laura Rubio (chorus) and Ricardo Esteban (bassist) who have been the ones who, before the Aragonese, have been occupying the stage announcing that the concert was about to start. And from there, the most absolute madness before a very dedicated audience both on the track (where people have been able to follow the concert standing up) and in the stands. The universe above me, Marta, Sebas, Guille and the others, Today is the beginning of the end Y The look high have been several of the songs that have sounded at the start of a Very long concert (it went until almost two and a half hours on a very special night for everyone as it was noticeable in the atmosphere) in which Eva Amaral and the always focused Juan Aguirre have been especially comfortable.

All before a set list of thirty songs in which great classics such as Summer days, Into the wild, Revolution Y I would die for you, but that it has focused, how could it be otherwise in that Jump to color, which was published in 2019 and whose tour cut the coronavirus pandemic in half. Thus, they have sounded, among others, Seas just like you, Noise, Our time Y Drums of rebellion.

In the interview they gave to this newspaper, both Juan Aguirre and Eva Amaral had promised that they would give their all to try to give a great concert and the truth is that there has been no doubt that this was the case when the stage lights were turned on. turned on to the public to indicate that the duo’s most complicated tour had come to an end. Before, in that final stretch, Eva and Juan had unloaded the final adrenaline with pieces like Without you I am nothing, Run out Y Colorful fish and the great surprise of the night, the appearance of Mikel Erentxun to sing with them Between saltpeter and sweat.

From now on, the two musicians are going to stop and prepare a new album that, if everything goes well, could see the light of day over the next year, although they don’t like to talk about deadlines because, after all, as they say Juan Aguirre, “We are very impulsive with the things we do”. Around 6,500 people have witnessed today that in music, normally, the impulses of the artists are usually good.

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Chronicle of the Amaral concert in Zaragoza: A jump to the triple mortal color