Chronicle of Guns N’ Roses + The Pretenders in Vigo: Back to the jungle –

On Monday June 12, the Abanca-Balaídos stadium in Vigo witnessed an epic event: the expected second Guns N’ Roses concert in our country in this new European section of the tour of those of Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan. Starting in the early afternoon, thousands of fans flocked to the venue, forming long lines around a stadium that has been the scene of major music events over the years, including performances by renowned artists such as Metallica, Deep Purple or Oasis.

The night promised to be unforgettable, and the opening acts, pretenders, they made their entrance on stage at 20:00. For an hour, they regaled the crowd with their best-known hits, including “Don’t Get Me Wrong” and “I’ll Stand By You,” as well as their latest release, “Let The Sun Come In.” Although the performance was flawless, some noted that the sound was excessively loud.

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Already spectacular color in the stadium with The Pretenders

With only ten minutes left for the expected moment of Guns N’ Roses, a few drops of rain began to fall on the stadium, generating a bit of commotion and confusion among the attendees. However, the anxiety to witness the band’s performance was palpable in the air.

Finally, at 9:40 p.m., ten minutes after the schedule, the huge screens of the stadium lit up with an impressive video. The audience erupted in deafening cheers as the Guns N’ Roses logo appeared after a sequence of images that included a broken heart, fanged lips and an explosion. The concert began, and the band did not disappoint.

With “It’s So Easy” as the opening song, Axl Rose made his entrance onto the stage wearing sunglasses, showing off his great physical shape and impeccable vocal prowess. After performing this song, Axl addressed the audience with an emotional: “Vigooouu!” and the band continued with “Bad Obsession”. The voices of Duff McKagan and Axl intertwined perfectly, while Slash demonstrated his masterful command of the guitar.

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The energy in the stadium was comparable to that of the 1980s, as reflected in the bleeps and whistles of jubilation and excitement from the audience. Ditching his glasses, Axl exclaimed, “Look what a nice crowd,” before beginning to play “Chinese Democracy,” the title track of the band’s latest album featuring only Axl as an original member. During this song and due to the phrase “… it would take a lot more time than you have got for masturbation”, Axl accompanied the lyrics with an obscene gesture, adding a provocative touch to his performance.

The list of songs continued with classics like “Live and Let Die”, the version of the theme created by Paul McCartney, who according to Axl when introducing the song, recently turned 50 years old. They followed up with his most recent song, “Hard Skool,” and the iconic “Mr. Brownstone.”

In a highlight of the concert, Slash wowed the audience with a spectacular guitar solo that sent the crowd into ecstasy as they began to sing “Welcome to the Jungle.” Everyone in the stadium was jumping, singing and moving to the rhythm of the music, immersed in an atmosphere of pure emotion.

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Another impressive solo from Slash led to a performance of “Double Talkin’ Jive,” followed by “Pretty Tied Up” and “Reckless Life.” During this last song, some raindrops began to fall, but this did not dampen the mood of the audience. Then it was time for the ballad “This I Love,” where Axl’s voice shone like never before.

The band continued to play their setlist, including the brand new “Absurd” and the UK Subs version of “Down On The Farm” included on the album ‘The Spaghetti Incident?’. Axl greeted the people in the front rows with a “hello” and they continued with “Stranged” and “Rocket Queen”. During the latter, Slash surprised with another impressive guitar solo, leaving the audience speechless.

After “Rocket Queen,” Axl thanked the crowd and introduced Duff McKagan, who performed the Stooges’ “TV Eye” version in true punk rock style. Duff waved goodbye to the crowd with an energetic “Thank you, motherf*ckers!” Axl resumed the interaction with the crowd, thanking him for his dedication and expressing his gratitude for being in Vigo.

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The band continued with “Anything Goes”. Although the sound had some problems at first, it quickly improved. Then they performed “Civil War” with the flag of Ukraine waving on the screens. At the end of the song, Axl introduced all the members of the band, joking about whether someone was missing before introducing Slash, unleashing the euphoria of the public.

The stadium was filled with excitement as the characteristic chords of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” began to play. The band returned to the stage, this time with Axl wearing a gray shirt and sunglasses. The audience rose to their feet and sang the famous theme from the bottom of their hearts. The night continued with “Locomotive,” followed by “Wichita Lineman,” where Slash, Duff, and Fortus sat together on the stairs for a special moment of musical complicity.

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Then a light illuminated a huge piano on stage and Axl sat across from it to perform the beautiful ballad “November Rain.” The audience surrendered completely, chanting the song devotedly. Next, the band played “Prostitute”, one of the lesser-known songs from ‘Chinese Democracy’, which had not been played at a concert since 2017 and was played for the first time in the old continent; and a memorable version of “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door,” in which Axl and Slash exchanged nods while Melissa Reese provided vocals for her.

At the end, Axl announced, “Here comes ‘Nighttrain,'” followed by the sound of the train echoing throughout the stadium. The crowd did not stop singing, dancing and enjoying. The band briefly left the stage, but quickly returned to surprise everyone with a debut song on the tour: “Sorry”, belonging to ‘Chinese Democracy’. It was the first time they performed it live and it turned out to be a big surprise for the fans.

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Guns N’ Roses closed the show with three of their must-have hits: “Patience,” “Yesterdays,” which Axl claimed was his day-off song, and finally a smashing “Paradise City.”

For a total of three and a half hours, Guns N’ Roses delivered on stage, giving their all, exuding talent and showing great energy for their fans gathered in Vigo. It was an unforgettable night, which turned a Monday into an epic day in the city.

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Chronicle of Guns N’ Roses + The Pretenders in Vigo: Back to the jungle –