Chronicle: Amaral shows that it was worth waiting for his ‘Salto al Color’ at his concert in Madrid

Six hundred and eight days. Six hundred and eight days, with its days, and its nights: that is what Madrid (and an unfortunate pandemic) has been slow to allow again. Amaral get back on the stage of one of the concerts of his tour more important. But Eva and Juan, still almost two years later, they have fulfilled their appointment with the capital.

Both came true to their commitment to Madrid on November 19, being the most punctual on stage. Although his audience, excited hours before at the gates of the venue, were even more so. Once inside, it seemed incredible to see the WiZink Center so extremely full, with so many people that the stairs to the bleachers are barely visible. If you took a quick look at the people in the venue, yes, you could see the masks that suddenly brought us back to the year 2021. A gesture that continues to show that culture, after all this time, is still safe.

But any wait and crowd are justified if they start hearing songs like Signals O The universe above me, and more if they are followed Marta, Sebas, Guille and the others. Opening with traditional songs, they show that he is already an icon of our music, although the most recent are the proof that Amaral is not afraid to jump into the void. Or rather, in color: This tour, about his latest album, has also been a visual spectacle that mesmerizes only with its stage.

Eva, of course, is a perfect master of ceremonies for which years do not subtract an iota of interest from what she sings: proves it with the enigmatic Rain, the melancholic How to speak or the sugar cane Revolution. The latter ends up honoring its name by turning the stadium into a real party, in which there was hardly any audience who did not jump in while they chanted it. And this is, again, a miracle to be grateful for in these times.

The only guest who accompanied them at night paradoxically came in Soledad, Lucia Ruibal. Even if you dance apart the musical content of the concert continued to be a delight for those present. It was not too different from what was presented in other parts of the peninsula, and even so they were surprising. AND as Nicholas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas, they continued with other themes – or, judging by how people sang them, hymns – such as I would die for you, When the tide rises O Summer days.

In a first attempt to leave the stage, the Maño group opted for Waves of the sea of ​​Vigo, a Galician cantiga from the thirteenth century -also included in his last work- that they connected with Mares Just like you. A perfect prelude to one of the most mystical moments of the night, in which he sang a sequence that included Kamikaze, Drums of rebellion, Into the wild and Falconer. A mix of three albums that, surprisingly, sounded more current than ever.

Without you I am nothingThat desperate song -this time, in acoustic- to toxic love that won an Ondas Award, marked the beginning of the end of a magical night. Run out and take me far away they felt like a real message of help that they raised the WiZink Center to the top, and then said goodbye with a questioned Colorful fish. Without a doubt, one night that made it clear that a pandemic can stop time, but nothing will ever stop Amaral.

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Chronicle: Amaral shows that it was worth waiting for his ‘Salto al Color’ at his concert in Madrid