Christian Nodal: the singer erases his first tattoo dedicated to Belinda and exhibits the new design with which he replaced it

The separation between Belinda and Christian Nodal It caused a stir in the entertainment world due to the affection that his followers had developed for this couple.

After the confirmation of the love break, most of his fans began to remember details and curiosities of both artists.

One of the issues that attracted the most attention was the multiple tattoos that Christian Nodal made in honor of Belinda and what will you do now that they are no longer engaged.

However, this doubt was clarified after the interpreter of bottle after bottle will perform at a concert in Costa Rica and will show the modification he made to one of the tattoos that he has as a sign of the love that existed between him and his ex-fiancée.

Despite not yet making it public, the public present at the live show of the Mexican singer was able to observe theto the modification that was made in the tattoo that he has next to his right earwhich previously had the word “Beli” written on it.

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This peculiar modification was also evidenced by the photographer David Chaconwho published a series of images on his Instagram account where it can be seen that Nodal now has the four symbols of the poker cards in the place where the name of the Mexican artist used to be.

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The decision to remove one of Belinda’s tattoos has been taken by her followers as the definitive confirmation of the love break between the two artists.

Nevertheless, The theme around tattoos continues because this is not the only one that Christian Nodal has in reference to his ex-fiancéesince he has other modifications to his body as a sign of his love for Belinda.

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The Mexican regional music performer had a controversial tattoo done in 2020 Belinda’s eyes which covers most of his chest and was heavily criticized at the time.

In addition, Nodal tattooed the word “Utopia” on his forehead in honor of the Mexican singer’s second studio album, which was released in 2006 and is considered her most successful musical production.

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Christian Nodal: the singer erases his first tattoo dedicated to Belinda and exhibits the new design with which he replaced it