Chris Martin’s definitive declaration of love to Dakota Johnson during a concert

They are quite discreet and it is difficult to capture a picture of the two of them together on a red carpet, however Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson’s love is translated into small gestures very significant. To show what happened during the concert of the band Coldplay at Sepherd’s Bush Empire in London, a date in which the band presented their ninth album Music of the Spheres. In the stalls, among the crowd of fans of the group, Dakota sat, as reported by the Daily Mail, who heard from her boyfriend’s lips what could be the best statement that you have dedicated. Just before interpreting My Universe, one of his new songs in collaboration with boyband BTS, Martin pointed to his girlfriend and said, “This is about my universe, and she is here!”

This is the mansion that Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson have bought in Malibu

Gwyneth Paltrow praises Dakota Johnson, her ex-husband’s current partner: ‘I adore her’


The audience went crazy hearing how the singer referred to the actress as his “universe”, one more proof that the story that began in 2017 has no cracks. She applauds his work and he does the same. A day later, although in the background too, Martin attended the premiere of The Lost Daughter at The Royal Festival Hall in the British capital. At 32, the actress dazzled with a Gucci dress with sparkling touches, illusions and sleeves finished in feathers and did not stop signing autographs. Chris, 44, tried to go unnoticed with two good “guns”: a cap and the mandatory mask.

Engagement rumors

Attractive, successful, admired … Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson are one of the couples that arouses the most expectation since their relationship began four years ago. The most anticipated news is that of their engagement, about which rumors already emerged at the end of 2020. The photos of Dakota with a fabulous ring on the ring finger of her left hand sparked speculation that no one commented. The only thing that transpired is that they had bought a ten million euro mansion in Malibu, a luxurious property with six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a movie theater, a games room, a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi.


Dakota, whose name is becoming more frequent in Hollywood film productions, has been seamlessly integrated into the modern family made up of Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow. The enamored Shakespearean actress, her husband, producer Brad Falchuk, and her children with Chris, 17-year-old Apple and 15-year-old Moses, get on phenomenally with Dakota and she’s with them too. “I love Dakota. I know it may sound strange because it is somewhat unconventional. But in this case, I just have to admit that I adore her, “said Paltrow. Melanie Griffith is also delighted with her “son-in-law”, as he has said on more than one occasion: “I love my daughter’s boyfriend.”

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