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The exclusive concert what the band has offered ‘Coldplay‘At Sepherd’s Bush in London it will not only be recorded in the retina of its fans by the opportunity they had to hear for the first time, at least live, the songs of the recently released new album by the British group, the long-awaited ‘Music of the Spheres’. Also in that of the actress, Dakota Johnson (32).

And it is that among the public that gathered in the mythical London room, much smaller than the one normally congregated Chris Martin and company in their concerts Stadium, there was none other than Dakota, daughter of Melanie Griffith and, since 2017, girlfriend of the English vocalist. Although he tried to go unnoticed, true to his usual discretion, the musician could not resist the idea of declare your love in public taking advantage of the first bars of his song ‘Universe’. Attention, if it’s time moñas:

“This song is about my universe, and the truth is that that universe is right here,” Chris said while causing a wave of applause and sighs for his words. With a somewhat shy smile and a bit of cheekiness, Chris put the audience back into his pocket as they tried to look for the recipient of such a compliment. That it was none other than Dakota, of course, because neither for you nor for me those words were of course.

As you can see in the tweet, Dakota got the biggest thrill and is not for less. How the friend cried. Someone bring him a bib and a box of tissues!

Only a day later, it was Chris Martin who was kept in the background so as not to divert attention from the undisputed protagonist of the event, in this case, the actress. Dakota presented in the British capital, within the London Festival of the BFI (British Film Institute), his new film ‘The Lost Daughter’.

The event took place in the imposing Royal Albert Hall and, after posing smiling on the red carpet, the young woman soon found her boyfriend to enjoy the screening of the film together.

Ains, long live love!

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