Chiquis Rivera for the tail with Kate del Castillo’s jumpsuit at the 2021 Billboard Latin Music Awards rehearsals

Chiquis Rivera for Kate del Castillo’s jumpsuit tail at the 2021 Billboard Latin Music Awards rehearsals.

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Chiquis Rivera placeholder image already ready in the Coral Gables Watsco Center in Florida for what will be the 28th gala of the 2021 Billboard Latin Music Awards. There the highest representatives of Hispanic music will be displayed. Between rehearsal and rehearsal, Jenni Rivera’s daughter stopped her tail to pose and take several photos wearing a jumpsuit by actress Kate del Castillo. The outfit made clear the power they have Chiquis Rivera’s curves.

Very excited and happy as she almost always shows, Chiquis Rivera placeholder image, He once again captured glances and gave a lot to talk about on social networks by showing off a whole photo session that was made on the outskirts of the place where the 2021 Billboard Awards and where Chiquis Rivera placeholder image has a stake. She wore a very tight jumpsuit from the new collection of the also Mexican Kate del Castillo and took the opportunity to stop her tail and show off her great body.

Just a few days ago, Chiquis Rivera placeholder image He heated up social networks by dancing with leggings that made her tail transparent and revealed her thong. Obviously this was the subject of hundreds of comments and compliments, many of them risque. But nothing she’s not used to dealing with.

In addition, the own Chiquis Rivera placeholder image announced a new stage in which he will lead a program called “The best of you“, Where people will undergo various physical transformations. But, as she also explained: “It is a transformation that goes much further and I will be there to accompany them.” It will be released from this October 15 in NBC Universe.

There is no doubt that, despite all the internal problems that the Rivera are going through, together with their separation and the terms of it with her ex-husband Lorenzo Mendez, Chiquis Rivera placeholder image it does not stop growing. She is an example of a Latin woman: beautiful, fierce and very talented.

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