Chile: clinical trial of a live concert concluded without COVID-19 infections

The first clinical trial for the return of live music on Chile carried out at the end of August showed a contagion rate of 0%, as confirmed by its organizers, the Chilean Society of Musical Authors and Interpreters (SCD) and the Clinical Hospital of the University of Chile.

The results were released after 99% of those attending the show -almost 500 people-, who it was carried out with full capacity and safeguarding measures such as the use of masks and the requirement of complete vaccination, they will conclude the clinical cycle with an exit PCR test.

“We are very satisfied with the results (…) This not only tells us that pandemic concerts can be held safely, with a mobility pass and permanent use of a mask, but it also shows us that the public wants and needs to return to live music, and is willing to follow the protocols and requirements that are required to achieve it, “said Rodrigo Osorio, president of SCD.

The clinical report It also indicated that an average room with full capacity could, with high probability, require additional ventilation mechanisms, an indication that will be incorporated for the second test scheduled for October in the Chilean capital.

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The immunologist of the University of Chile and scientist in charge of study, Alejandro Afani, pointed out that depending on the objectives of the experiment, the measures such as the use of a mask and the obligation to have a Mobility Pass -document that accredits complete vaccination- will continue to be maintained, but the PCR test will be replaced by an antigen test that speeds up the results.

To date, in Chile 1.6 million people have been infected with SARS-CoV-2 and more than 45,000 have died, considering confirmed and suspected cases, according to Minsal’s Department of Statistics and Information.

All in all, the country has developed one of the most successful inoculation campaigns in the world, reaching more than 88.3% of the target population – about 15 million people – with the vaccination complete. (EFE)

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