Chiky Bombom: the tiktoker that sweeps the #BUENASBUENAS

If you are to enter TikTok at least once a day, it will surely have appeared on you “For you” some video of the tiktoker Chiky Bombom. This woman has managed, in less than two months, to become an icon within the social network.

The fame he has achieved on TikTok is not due to unpleasant, unoriginal or problematic videos, quite the contrary. Chiky Bombom has managed to be who she is on the video platform, thanks to his personality.

“Good Good” The two words that catapulted Chiky Bombom to success

It can be difficult to understand how two simple words make a difference. While those two single words indicate absolutely nothing, when they come out of Chiky Bombom’s mouth everything turns into positivity, joy and good humor.

To the beat of a very happy music, Chiky Bombom manages to increase the self-esteem of any womanWell, all her videos make it clear that this tiktoker has only one goal: to show female audiences that getting depressed doesn’t make sense.

What is Chiky Bombom’s life story?

Life story Chiky Bombom tiktok

Born in the Dominican Republic, Lissette EduardoBetter known as Chiky Bombom, she moved with her family to New York at the age of 8. Despite having tried to succeed in the world of music from a very young age, his professional career took a leap at the beginning of 2015.

Since that year, Chiky Bombom began to dedicate herself to uploading videos related to women’s self-esteem and empowerment. So important was the work she did during all this time, that the native of the Dominican Republic managed to become a prominent influencer.


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♬ original sound – CHIKYBOMBOMREAL

According to what she has told on her YouTube channel, the decision to become who she is today is due to the inconveniences you suffered with your partner. Her experience as a single mother made her see life with different eyes, so she promised herself not to make trouble for trifles.

Getting out of a deep depression, which almost led her to take her own life, Chiky Bombom decided to set a goal: “Show everyone in the world how to improve self-esteem with music, dance and motivational phrases.” And, if we look at her TikTok account, we can say that this woman has been able to fulfill her goal, since as of today is one of the most popular tiktokers Hispanic.

What are the lyrics of the video “Buenas Buenas” by Chiky Bombom?

If you’ve never seen the Original video that catapulted Chiky Bombom to fame, we recommend that you see it, as it is undoubtedly a “ritual” where only good vibes are felt.

On the other hand, if you have seen it, but you don’t really know what the tiktoker says in the song “Good morning”, then, We leave you the lyrics of this TikTok viral:

“Good morning, today I woke up rich, tasty, delicious because I can, I can, I deserve it. I have the personality, I have the personality, I have it and I do whatever I want with it… I feel rich, I feel suckable, I feel suckable and even the chewy stick. Today I woke up my love wanting to give joy, Macarena to my body … “

How much money does Chiky Bombom La Pantera make on TikTok?

How much Chiky Bombom makes on TikTok

Based on what we have been able to find out, the tiktoker Chiky Bombom earns roughly $ 200 a day. Of course, the earnings have to do only with the payment made by TikTok.

We cannot know what are the profits you get from the different advertising sponsorships that you have managed to achieve outside the platform.

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