Checo Pérez attended Alejandro Fernández’s concert and boasted about it in networks

(Photo: EFE / José Méndez)

The 2021 season of Formula 1 left a good taste for the fans of Sergio perez, the F1 driver became the linchpin of Red Bull for what Max Verstappen get the drivers’ championship. Now Czech Pérez is on vacation and he took the time to be in Mexico.

And even though a Czech he likes to have privacy and not sharing details of his personal life, his image has become a current representative of the Mexican high-speed sport, so any place where he is captured generates expectation.

Sergio recently attended one of the concerts he gave Alejandro Fernandez and his attendance did not go unnoticed.

Last weekend the Foal returned to the stage after the death of his father. Part of your tour Made in Mexico was presented in the Telmex Auditorium from the city of Guadalajara Jalisco. Being Guadalajara lands, Czech He took advantage of his vacations in the country to attend the Fernández concert.

(Photo: Instagram / @ schecoperez)
(Photo: Instagram / @ schecoperez)

Although few people noticed the presence of the Formula 1, the official account of Alex Fernández was in charge of going viral the assistance of Czech Pérez to the concert. Through his official Instagram account of the singer, he shared a brief fragment of Sergio within the musical event.

The recording managed to capture how Sergio enjoyed the concert in Guadalajara and he even showed his abilities to sing and dance to the rhythm of Vicente Fernández’s son. The red bull driver He attended accompanied and is observed singing one of the most recent songs of the regional music singer.

Alejandro Fernández accompanied his publication with a phrase dedicated to Sergio; “When compa @schecoperez gave it his all in the dance and singing contest. Throw it out”.

The images reached his own Czech Pérez who also shared them on his official Instagram account. He replicated the temporary story on his profile and added a laughing emoticon as a synonym for the reaction he had when watching the video.

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Checo Pérez attended Alejandro Fernández’s concert and boasted about it in networks