Charly García turns 71: the musician who set fire to Argentine rock

In the 1970s, he formed nothing less than Sui Generis, Porsuigieco, La Máquina de Hace Pajaros and Serú Girán. Since 1982 he became a soloist and little by little he became a legend. He is currently finalizing details of a new album.

Charlie Garcia he did not say “Vini vidi vici” (it was Julius Caesar), but in practice he carried it out: he came, he saw and he conquered. He came into this world on October 23, 1951, saw the birth of Argentine rock and beat everyone. From the age of 21 he became number one.

You know: it was child prodigy in a classical music conservatory. He gave his first concert when he was 4 years old, presented in the program as “Carlitos Alberto García Moreno”. He performed two pieces.

Charly García live in December 2015. Photo: Graphpress

From classical music to rock

In 1963, at the age of twelve, he became a professor of theory and music theory, but the following year, he heard the Beatles for the first time and nothing was the same. He bought his first “double single” (with four songs) and he plunged into the world of rock. Farewell to the prodigy of classical music.

He formed his first bands when he was in high school, at the Dr. Dámaso Centeno Military Social Institute. His name was To Walk Spanish and he was accompanied by Juan Bellia, Alejandro “Pipi” Correa and Alberto “Beto” Rodríguez. At the time they merged with another group from the same school, The Century Indignation, and joined Nito Mestre and Carlos Piegari. It was 1968 and they were baptized Sui Generis.

The concert "Goodbye Sui Generis": Nito Mestre with a hippie look with the flute and Charly García with a tailcoat and sneakers.

The “Adiós Sui Generis” concert: Nito Mestre with a hippie look with the flute and Charly García with a tailcoat and slippers.

Four long years passed until the recording of Sui’s first single, the hit song for my death. In between, they toured Mar del Plata and gradually lost members, one by one, until then there were two left: Nito on vocals and traverse flute, Charly on vocals and piano.


Since his recording debut with Sui Generis, which coincided with his appearance in the film Rock until the sun goes downCharly marked the history of Argentine rock with fire, as many in his solo albums as the groups Porsuigieco, The Bird Making Machine Y Seru Giranin addition to parallel projects such as soundtracks and collaborations with figures such as Mercedes Sosa and Pedro Aznar.

Throughout his career he played with great artists such as Gustavo CeratiLuis Alberto Spinetta, Pappo, León Gieco, Andrés Calamaro, Ratones Paranoicos, Ciro y Los Persas, Billy Bond, Herbert Vianna, Illya Kuryaki & The Valderramas, Turf, Sandro, Joaquín Sabina and No Te Va Gustar.

Charly García in 2015. Photo: DYN

Charly García in 2015. Photo: DYN

Furthermore, he did soundtracks What angelic pubis (Raul de la Torre) and What will come (Gustavo Mosquera). It was artistic producer of key albums by soloists and groups such as Fabiana Cantilo, Celeste Carballo, Los Abuelos de la Nada, GIT and Los Twist.

Its convening power marked countless milestones in local rock, such as the two Luna Park concerts “Adiós Sui Generis”, the two River stadiums where Serú Girán met in 1992, the massive free concert “Too much ego” before 250 thousand people in Puerto Madero, the Sui Generis meeting on the Boca field, and the triumphant return of 2009 in Vélez Sarsfield.

the cap of "Random"the last album by Charly Garcia so far.

The cover of “Random”, Charly Garcia’s last album so far.

Currently, Charly García continues to compose new songs and promised to release new material very soon. He already has all the songs ready and recorded and mixed. All that remains is to make the decision to go out into the ring. Meanwhile, today his figure is celebrated throughout the country.


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Charly García turns 71: the musician who set fire to Argentine rock