Charlie Puth and Jungkook (BTS) announce collaboration: discover his name and release date

bts premiered just a week ago, on June 10, his new album called proof. An album with which they have proposed to celebrate the nine years they have been in the music industry and in which they compile all the hits that have marked their career. It is composed of 48 songs, of which 45 are themes belonging to other works.

One of the new hits of the South Korean group is Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment), where they talk about the future that awaits them, which is, above all, promising. However, just three days after the album’s release, BTS announced a break. They did it during the BTS FESTA, an event to commemorate their anniversary as a group. They wanted to be honest with their fans and announced this break as a band to explore their professional facets individually and find their identity. “We are exhausted and need more time”Jimin said. Nevertheless, it is not the final separation and the South Koreans will come back stronger than ever after this break.

This break is going to be very beneficial for the seven members of BTS., since it will allow them to find a more individual sound and work with more people outside the group. One of the members who has already started to take off is just Jungkook and he has done it in the best way. For this, he has wanted to join the American charlie puth in a new song.

Left and Right is the name of the single that they will release together. Mark the date well because the next June 24 we will be able to listen to this theme that promises to be a hit. The announcement has come after the publication of a TikTok where Charlie Puth and Jungkook were seen simulating a conversation by video call. The South Korean artist also sang a verse of the song to finally listen to a preview in the studio version.

The single promises and we are sure that Jungkook’s beginning in this new lonely stage will be marked by many joys. His colleagues are also working on their individual projects and there is already news about some, such as J-Hope. In this case, the singer has been announced for the poster of the Next Lollapalooza in Chicago, where he will perform his first solo performance and in which we are sure he will present some of his own songs.

There is a great desire to see and hear what the members of BTS have prepared individually, although we will also wait with open arms for the group’s return in style.

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Charlie Puth and Jungkook (BTS) announce collaboration: discover his name and release date