Charges are filed against a young man who presented a false vaccination card in an urban concert

The Department of Justice filed charges today against Paola Pamela Oyola Rivera, 21, for presenting a false vaccination card at the checkpoints established by the Department of Health at an urban music concert.

The judge, Ileana Blanco, of the Investigation Chamber of the San Juan Judicial Center, found cause for the arrest against the young woman and imposed a bail of $ 10,000 with electronic supervision, after the presentation of the evidence by the prosecutors, Kristia J Díaz Pérez and Deborah Rodríguez Ortiz, who carried out an investigation with the support of the Department of Health Investigations Office.

On August 22, 2021, the young woman attended Eladio Carrión’s concert at the Coca Cola Music Hall of the San Juan Convention District, where she presented a vaccination card “covid-19 Vaccination Record Card”. However, Health Department personnel validated that the information on the young woman’s vaccination card is false, since she has not been inoculated against covid-19.

“Such conduct constitutes a violation of Article 215 of the Penal Code, which establishes that Any person who, for the purpose of defrauding, alters, possesses or circulates a document that must be issued by an official of the Government of Puerto Rico or by any authorized private institution, shall be punished with a sentence of imprisonment for a fixed term of three years. ” said the director of the Economic Crimes Division, the prosecutor Rodney Ríos, who explained that the young woman is exposed to three years in prison.

For his part, the Secretary of Justice, Domingo Emanuelli Hernández, stated that “in addition to being illegal, this action is extremely irresponsible and could put many lives at risk. Because of the covid-19 pandemic, some have lost their loved ones, and at this moment there is a much more dangerous variant. The Government of Puerto Rico and its citizens are making a great effort to eradicate the virus, but there are people who do not understand the impact of their actions ”.

The preliminary hearing was scheduled for September 10, 2021.