Chamber music, great protagonist in the Cartagena International Music Festival: know the complete program

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Romantic sounds take over La Heroica these days, thanks to the Cartagena International Music Festival, which will be dedicated in this sixteenth edition to chamber music. Great figures such as Beethoven, Schumann, Schubert and Mozart, among other great contributors to this aspect, will be able to be appreciated on stage and with a capacity of up to 75%.

In the same way, if someone is not in Cartagena and wants to attend one of the other 14 concerts that are included in the programming that encompasses 22 shows, you can see it through YouTube and the Telepacífico channel. It is also noteworthy that, despite the capacity on the stages, the recommendation from the mayor’s office itself is to resort to all possible biosecurity measures, given the sharp increase in infections in recent weeks.

This new musical season will focus on those compositions that flourished in the 18th and 19th centuries, and according to the pianist Juan David Mora, who will be at the Santa Clara hotel in the Bolivarian capital this January 7 from 11 in the morning performing the best works by Ponchielli, Donizetti and others, argues that chamber music Now it is maintained thanks to the collaboration of the musicians, a fact that dates back to precisely the beginning of 1800.

On the other hand, the festival stands out for its purpose of emphasizing the appreciation of a whole psychedelia through the music of romanticism, thus creating the meeting of both artistic elements in each interpretation. Regarding this, Antonio Miscená, director of the festival, explained in dialogue with El Colombiano that, “By color we mean the timbre of each instrument, of each ensemble. It does not mean that each sound has a color, but rather that a note on the piano has a different timbre than the same note on the flute, these differences are called colors in classical music”.

This conjunction can also be perceived with geographical characteristics, which is why each day of the festival is dedicated to a different country: Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Eastern countries and Colombia, with the difference that the chamber music made in these lands is more contemporary than the previous ones, since they even date from years after the 19th century; and despite the fact that several countries were left out of the selection, such as Spain or those from Eastern Europe such as Hungary and Poland, Miscená specified that what will happen until January 10 will work as an appetizer to continue exploring this musical current.

On the other hand, gastronomy adds to this experience, so that connoisseur attendees will feel the influence of Rossini, who was one of the greatest exponents of this combination. That is why the festival managed to bring together several Colombian chefs in four emblematic restaurants in Cartagena.

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Thursday, January 6

7:00 p. m. – The quintets in F minor by Frank and Brahms, Romantic works led by Matan Porat, the Modigliani quartet, the Alban Berg ensemble from Vienna and Ariane Haering.

Friday, January 7

11:00 a. m. – Donizetti, Rossini, Ponchielli. The camera colors of the Italian opera artists by Paula Gallego, Nora Cismondi, Silvia Careddu, José Gómez, Guido Corti, Ariana Haering and Stefano Malferrari.

8:30 p. m.Quartets, by the Peregrino quartet and Antonello Farulli.

Saturday, January 8

4:00 p. m. The colors of Colombia; Cartagena Symphony Orchestra, Glass Marcano and Óscar Javier Vargas.

7:00 p. m. – new romantic colors. Russian chamber music by María Baranova, Guido Corti, Silvia Careddu, Nora Cismondi, Andrey Baranov; the ensemble Alban Berg -from Vienna-, the Chamber Youth Philharmonic Orchestra and Federico Hoyos.

Sunday, January 9

7:00 p. m. – Serenades; With nationalist colors by the Chamber Youth Philharmonic, Andrey Baranov and Glass Marcano.

Monday, January 10

11:00 a. m. – Eastern Quartets; The colors of Dvorak and Smetana by the Oistrakh group.

6:00 p.m. (Closing) – Between the past and the present; The colors of Colombian music by the Chamber Youth Philharmonic Orchestra and Leonardo Federico Hoyos.


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Chamber music, great protagonist in the Cartagena International Music Festival: know the complete program