CDMX government has already registered at least three neo-Nazi concerts

The neo-Nazi clandestine event “The Empire Strikes Back”, which was held on Saturday, October 29 at CDMX. (Photo: EL PAÍS)

During the press conference offered this Tuesday by the authorities of the capital, the secretary of governmentMarti Batres GuadarramaHe reported that they have recorded at least three neo-Nazi concerts in recent months. After Thursday, November 10, they suspended the activities of the Pentathlon Hall for a neo-Nazi clandestine event.

Batres Guadarrama declared that they detected a place where this group of people with neo-Nazi ideology have concentrated more permanently, it is the cafe “El Bizarro”on the colony romeCuauhtémoc mayor’s office.

“The calls that have already been made more recently were made underground, not openly. Although there was a propaganda about the concert held, it had no place to be held. The concert was already known at the time it was taking place. We are attentive to send us as much information as possible to prevent this type of action from being carried out”, explained Batres Guadarrama.

In the Pentathlon Hall, Saturday On October 29, an event was held that generated astonishment in the country, since a clandestine musical celebration, with neo-Nazi and fascist overtones.

The newspaper The country announced on Monday, November 7, that the reserved recital was attended by approximately 300 people. According to one of its journalists who infiltrated the site, paintings of Adolf Hitler could be seen in the building, as part of the concert decoration.

"The Empire Strikes Back", clandestine event that took place in Mexico City. (Photo: Special/Neo-Nazi concert poster)
“The Empire Strikes Back”, clandestine event that took place in Mexico City. (Photo: Special/Neo-Nazi concert poster)

Given this fact, the capital’s president, Claudia Sheinbaumwas pronounced two days later and condemned the performance of the concert organized by a neo-fascist group. Also, the secretary of government, Marti Batresindicated that the reproduction of an ideology of violence would not be allowedextermination, absolute intolerance and racism within the metropolis.

As a result of this event, on Thursday, November 10, the Government of Mexico City announced the suspension of activities of the Hall Pentathlonwhich is located in the Santa María de la Ribera neighborhood of the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office.

“The Government of Mexico Citythrough the Government Secretariat (SECGOB)reports that in coordination with the Administrative Verification Institute (Invea) The activities of the Pentathlon Hall, in the Santa María la Ribera neighborhood, where a clandestine neo-Nazi event took place in recent days, were suspended ”, reads the information card.

It was on Wednesday, November 9, when the Administrative Verification Institute (see) carried out verification tasks in terms of urban Development at the facilities located at Eje 1 Norte José Antonio Alzate 204.

As a result of that visit, measures were applied consisting of the suspension of activitiesbecause it does not count with the Land Use Certificate as a party room. The actions were reported on Twitter, by the account of Marti Batres.

Given what happened, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UN-DH) spoke out against hate speechlast Thursday, November 10: “The UN-DH categorically rejects all manifestations of hatesupremacism and related forms of intolerance, as well as incitement to violence, discrimination and hostility”, reads his official Twitter account

In its message, the agency added that “respect for human rights and peaceful coexistence” is based on the recognition of the intrinsic dignity of all human beingsthe validity of democratic values ​​and the protection of the right to equality”.

The country reported that the bands that participated in the event of “The Empire Strikes Back” They were SunCity Skins, Last Chance and Royal Aces Convicted, all of them Mexican groups. In the leaks of that concert, people with skinheads, tattoos and swastika t-shirtsused by the National Socialist movement.

The bands sang lyrics with hate messages that were chanted by the attendees: “Fucking fagots that dirty my city,hang ’em up and burn ’em down!” Was heard in one of the audibles.

It is not the first time that events related to the Nazis have taken place in Mexico. It has as antecedent when the secretary of the youth panistas and a local PAN substitute deputy in Chihuahua dressed in Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun at one of their meetings.


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CDMX government has already registered at least three neo-Nazi concerts