CC urges respect for the electoral process

Given the prevailing situation in the country and within the framework of the ongoing electoral process, the Constitutional Court (CC) issued a statement addressed to the electoral authorities, the Public Ministry (MP), the Judiciary (OJ) and the general public. In his role as the highest Court of constitutional guarantees and guardian of the Constitution, he expressed his duty to safeguard democracy and the rule of law.

In the statement, the CC reaffirms the provisional amparo resolution granted to the Movimiento Semilla political party, in which it was determined that the criminal resolution does not affect or suspend Agreement 1328-2023 of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE). This implies that the electoral process must continue and take place on the scheduled date, with the participation of the candidates made official in said regulations.

The highest Court emphasized that the resolution of the criminal order has no effect to suspend the electoral process in progress, as well as its subsequent effects. In addition, it stresses that Semilla’s legal personality cannot be suspended as a precaution while the electoral process is still ongoing.

CC calls for action against Semilla

Due to the importance of preserving the Democratic Rule of Law, the CC urges rulers and ruled to respect the electoral process and, with it, the country’s democracy. The statement seeks to provide certainty and guarantee the transparency of the electoral process in the country, ensuring respect for the rights and participation of all political actors.

With this pronouncement, the highest Court seeks to ensure stability and respect for the rule of law during the electoral process, emphasizing the importance of maintaining democracy as a fundamental pillar of Guatemalan society. The CC urges all parties involved to act responsibly and in accordance with the law, in order to preserve peace and social order in the country.

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CC urges respect for the electoral process