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The group Cat Dimension, which walks through the fusion of styles such as funk, soul and jazz among others, recently released the video of its original creation “Black Cat”. This is the first of a series of videos recorded thanks to the fact that the band won the 1st Torres y Prada Foundation Scholarship for Cultural and Artistic Projects.

Cat Dimension is a band that, with original songs, seeks to capture a fusion of genres in their works. Thus, the group is made up of Federico Rodriguez, Rafa Arce, Rolfi Gomez, Ariel Morales Y Jonathan Pinero. All of them are musicians of different nationalities and members, in turn, each of different projects.

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The group is led by Rodríguez, a music graduate specializing in double bass from the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Málaga (Spain) and a diploma in University Didactics from the Universidad Católica de Asunción. He is also a professor at the Conservatory of Music of the Catholic University of Asunción and has extensive experience as a musician in different orchestras and as a soloist.

Connection and quality

He said that this project “It arose as a result of the isolation due to the covid-19 pandemic” which caused the immediate suspension and paralysis of all kinds of musical and cultural activity, with the aim of “doing something that could help alleviate all the damage that the pandemic was doing at an interpersonal and social level.”

Federico began by deliberately composing musical pieces of a “positive and cheerful” nature so that they would be liked by as many people as possible, that would invite people to meet and dance, and that would also have a musical quality, both in composition and in content. their execution.

Band with musicians of various nationalities

Later he created a band with musicians of different nationalities as “a gesture of brotherhood between nations in such difficult times.”

“The objective of creating this band is to regenerate the social fabric through musical concerts, to create spaces for encounters, for communication, for sharing,” the musician stressed.

In addition, the project considers the commitment to quality, the consumer society and the industry that has absorbed the musical phenomenon “reducing it to a mere consumer product”.

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With Cat Dimension they want to “make a force against this mass industry and create massive music that connects and pleases everyone, and that is also quality music, in terms of composition and execution”.

Thanks to this scholarship, the group was able to record a series of videos and obtained the production of a dossier to present the band professionally.

The objective of this scholarship is to expand the music of groups from different countries and “create spaces for the strengthening of human relations, for interpersonal communication and for good living.”

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Cat Dimension and the connection with “quality music” – Music – ABC Color