Camel, full-blown melodrama at the Olympic Stadium

One of the most striking musical phenomena under the radar continues to be that of Camela, that duo from the Madrid neighborhood of San Cristóbal de los Ángeles that barely gives a signal in the press and that has been cultivating passionate ties with an audience like the one this Friday for almost three decades. met in a section of the Estadi Olímpic. The so-called techno-rumba gas station from its beginnings gave way long ago to a more open pop format that, live, with a band of four musicians, guarantees the melodramatic frenzy on the back of songs rich in quotes to infatuation, hearts, tears, dreams and deceptions.

Those are the favorite words of Dioni and Ángeles, a tandem of brothers-in-law who delight in staging outbursts and lovesickness in a repertoire that at first glance may be somewhat linear, but which hides in its recesses enjoyable melodic lines and lyrical discoveries. At Montjuïc they reserved for us a ‘greatest hits’ underlined syllable by syllable by an enthusiastic audience, starting with that imperial ‘Indomitable Heart’, which in 1997 unseated Spice Girls at number one on the sales charts and he spun a lot of glances: “Who the hell are Camela?”

Electronics with melisma

Well, they are a couple of artisans of the bittersweet sentimental tune who enjoy face to face with their people, accompanying the singing of theatrical gestures, spinning tops and emphatic leaps. His is that style that Luis Troquel labeled ‘melody-drama’ in the 90s, perhaps the Hispanic version of the most ecstatic pop by some Pet Shop Boys passed through the flamenco-techno chair of Tijeritas and the war of the sexes of Pimpinela (who, like them, are not a couple, but brothers). More tending to a candid vision of love than to the bad grape, Camela shared her ‘Unreachable Dreams’ and the moving resignation of ‘Háblale de me’, using both the electronic rhythm and the drums and initiating the verses with frugal southern melismas.

Ángeles reserved a heartfelt section of ballads that preceded the final rush: from ‘Por siempre tú y yo’ (whose video she made Juan Antonio Bayona in 2003, before his first feature film) to the new ‘In the pocket of my heart’ and the greatest trophy, ‘When love sets sail’. And Dioni remembered remembering that he was the first to jump into the wave pool of Isla Fantasía in the concerts organized by Justo Molinero and noted a perhaps surprising fact: “Barcelona continues to be the capital of Spain where the most Camela & rdquor; records sell.

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