CaixaBank debuts in the metaverse and will offer a Marlon concert to Imagin users

The ties between the real world and the virtual universe are getting closer. Since Facebook announced at the end of last year its intention to invest in the metaverse, this trend has skyrocketed among major companies internationally to position itself on a platform that promises to revolutionize social relations, the economy and the way of doing business.

In that race to make the leap to the metaverse has entered CaixaBank, through its neobank Imagin, that in the next few days will be released on the virtual platform with a concert of the Spanish group Marlon which its more than 3.7 million users will be able to attend online.

The project, which has received the name of ImaginLand, seeks to offer Imagin clients content linked to culture, creativity, technology and sustainability through immersive experiences in the metaverse. As detailed by the entity, it thus becomes the first European fintech with an active presence in the virtual world.

For it, the bank has replicated the ImaginCafé in 3D format, a physical space that Imagin has in the center of Barcelona and which users can access from their digital devices through a link or QR code.

Soon, a concert by Marlon, a current national pop-rock group, will take place in Barcelona. The event will be recorded in 360º multi-camera format to become the first Imagin content in the metaversewhich will be available from April 28 in the virtual version at ImaginLand.

Imagin’s inauguration in the metaverse will take place through music, but later it will offer other initiatives related to culture, leisure and technology. The entity explains that the contents will be renewed on a monthly basis and will evolve in the coming months as Imagin develops new virtual experiences and services.

Through this project, CaixaBank intends to promote the ImaginCafé. The space, which was launched in 2017 as a place to promote initiatives related to technology and creative industries, will use the metaverse to allow users to enjoy experiences in an immersive way from anywhere.

With the aim of continuing to promote the interrelationship between the physical space, the digital environment and the virtual environment, the ImaginCafé will have a physical space dedicated to the metaverse from where all visitors can enjoy the experience through virtual reality glasses.

ImaginLand is part of the virtual platform Decentraland, which is located in one of the busiest districts of this metaverse, in Forrest Plaza. Likewise, Imagin also has a virtual field on the virtual augmented reality platform OVR, in which it has also located its ImaginCafé.

A financial and lifestyle platform

3.7 million users. Imagin is CaixaBank’s digital bank that has positioned itself as a lifestyle platform that offers digital, financial and non-financial services to a mainly young audience, under 30 years of age, and currently has a community of 3.7 million users . Imagin’s digital content is organized around six major verticals: music, video games, trends, technology, sustainability and solidarity. Likewise, Imagin offers special experiences and advantages in areas such as travel or urban mobility.

Agreements with third parties. In addition to its own content offer, thanks to its open innovation business model, Imagin is committed to extending its commercial alliances to incorporate third-party products and technologies into its platform through collaborations and partnerships with other fintech or startups. In the last year, Imagin has closed agreements to offer its users special experiences and advantages integrated into the app itself with partners such as Booking, Nike, Airbnb,, TUI and Zalando, among others.

Finance for young people. In addition, the Imagin application develops a range of financial products to cover the savings and financing needs of young people who have entered adulthood and who are beginning to have their first income and their own lifestyle projects.

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CaixaBank debuts in the metaverse and will offer a Marlon concert to Imagin users