Burger Day: How Good Is Kraft Yellow Cheese? This says Prophecy

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Today, Sunday May 28, the day of the hamburger is celebrated and one of its main ingredients is yellow cheese, also known as American type, but how good is the kraft brand? This says the Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (Profeco).

And it is that the agency analyzed 22 of these foods, which reviewed their customer information, water content, name, brand, presentation, expiration date, presence of starch, among other aspects.

The presence of starch “was determined since it is used to make the product cheaper,” it was indicated in the November 2020 Consumer Magazine.

How good is Kraft yellow cheese? This says Prophecy

If you buy Kraft brand yellow cheese on this burger day, or at any other time, you should know that Profeco found no irregularities in the two presentations it evaluated and they also have the following characteristics:

  • Kraft Singles (American type processed): its consumer information was complete and it is 57.5 percent water, 14.64 percent protein, 11.2 percent fat, and 12.35 percent carbohydrate. It did not present starch or vegetable fat.
  • Kraft Singles (Reduced Fat Processed Pasteurized): its consumer information was also complete, in addition to the fact that it had 59.3 percent water, 16.20 percent protein, 8.2 percent fat, and 11.74 percent carbohydrates. It also had no starch or vegetable fat.
Yellow cheese. Credits: Consumer Magazine

“James and Norman Kraft invented processed cheese in 1916. They sold it in cans to the United States Army during World War I and it wasn’t until 1950 that Kraft perfected the cut,” the Consumer Magazine reported.

Profeco’s recommendations when buying and using yellow cheese

The Prophecy gives you the following recommendations for when you go to buy yellow cheese:

  • read the labels: There are various products that are called style, imitation or food preparation.
  • Consider the ingredients: this from a nutritional point of view, as well as for you to distinguish the varieties of the products.
  • Refrigerate them: When you have already bought them, it is convenient to have them refrigerated.

So if you want to celebrate this hamburger day with one of them and their respective yellow cheese, now you know what should be taken into account when buying it.

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Burger Day: How Good Is Kraft Yellow Cheese? This says Prophecy