BTS’s Suga Opens Up About Retiring After Military Service And Surprises ARMY With His Response

After finishing his tour of the United States, Suga from BTS He resumed his promotional activities for his debut album D-Day and held a fan meeting, as well as video calls with the lucky ones who had the opportunity to live with the K-Pop rapper. Furthermore, he revealed his plans after military service.

After finishing your tour, it is likely that Suga from BTS enlists in the army, being the third member to do so, in addition to being one of the oldest, since at 30 he is at the limit that was granted by the government to delay his service, in addition, he must comply as a servant public for medical reasons.

The rapper, composer and producer, is one of the richest members of the group, since suga He has worked with several renowned artists, and embarked on his first solo tour, becoming the first single Korean act to generate millions in revenue.

BTS’s Suga Reveals What He Will Do After The Army

Although few idols in their 30’s are still active, Suga from BTS revealed his plans for after military service. The rapper already knows what he will do after leaving the army, because although there is talk of the return of the group by 2025, they will not resume their activities immediately.

When talking about his longevity, as BTS is only approaching their 10-year career, BTS’s Suga revealed that:

I can imagine acting until I’m 60

Something that excited his fans, because they will be able to see him active for a long time. In addition, the rapper joked about letting him rest a bit before he died, as some told him to go until his last years of life, but he assured that it will no longer be easy for him to hold a microphone when he is older.

On some other occasion, RM from BTS assured that the band will continue until they are called BTS dads or Bangtan Grandparents, so their career will continue for a long time, there are also idols who are close to 40 and are still active.


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BTS’s Suga Opens Up About Retiring After Military Service And Surprises ARMY With His Response