BTS’s PSY and Suga team up on ‘That That’: a wild west-style fantasy

Great news for fans of the Korean music industry: This Friday, April 29, one of the most anticipated songs of the moment has finally been released. we talk about youhat That, the highly anticipated return of PSY. The rapper, also known as Min Yoongi, has had one of the stars of the moment for this musical comeback: nothing more and nothing less than Suga from BTS.

The rapper and the music producer have opted for a catchy song, where PSY’s rhymes are once again the protagonists. After four years of rest, PSY has returned in style with this theme.

Written and co-produced by PSY and Suga, the song has an upbeat vibe that you won’t be able to get out of your head and will make you get out of your chair and dance. In this way, it does not surprise us that PSY has opted for this great song as the lead single of her ninth studio album, PSY 9th.

In addition, for the occasion PSY and Suga have taken us to a far western town, where all the villagers have ended up dancing this song simultaneously. And we are sure that more than one fan will learn the fun choreography that the boys do in the desert. However, it doesn’t seem easy at all. There is even a movement where the artists draw the guns with their hands. A true fantasy!

The video clip, during the first eight hours, has added more than ten million views on YouTube. A real madness! We have to remember that PSY knows what it means to have a hit, and in 2013 everyone danced to his song Gangnam Stylereaching the most listened to music video on Youtube until it arrived Slowly.

What are you talking about that’s that?

The song not only conveys an amazing good vibe in music. Not much less! He also does it in his letter. PSY and Suga refer to the return to normality after two years of pandemic “We will laugh again, cry, live, love. Let’s get Crazy. The pandemic is over. It feels amazing. The good vibes are finally coming”

Without a doubt, That That could become one of the songs of the moment. We’ll have to wait to see if she becomes a megahit. And it is that PSY comes back stomping.

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BTS’s PSY and Suga team up on ‘That That’: a wild west-style fantasy