BTS will have a world tour when will their next concert be?

We can no longer wait for the concerts to return to see our favorite bands live and in full color, we really want to see BTS and apparently they are giving us signs that very soon they will return to the stages of all parts of the world .

The concerts are probably the best experience in the entire Universe for lovers of song or people who greatly admire their favorite bands, there is nothing better than seeing your idols up close, singing and dancing and not only through a screen and thousands of kilometers apart.

So ARMY can not wait any longer because BTS announce dates in your country and start with a world tour where we can enjoy all the talent, passion and charisma of the idols of this group of K-Pop in iconic settings of each country.

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And apparently it is something that will happen very soon, because Bangtan is already beginning to give signals for a new tour for which we were already impatient, will they reach your city? Maybe yes, so start saving money so you don’t miss out on seeing the Bangtan Boys.

BTS reveals when their world tour will be

Although there is no exact date yet for the start of the tour of Bangtan Sonyeondan, we are already more than warned by RM in the interview with Jimmy Fallon when asked about when they would be doing gigs again, Namjoon He only told us to ‘get ready’ because they already want to tell us: ‘Make some noise!’.

So have your ready Armybomb, save money and rehearse the songs because surely very soon we will be seeing Bts live and live, crying with emotion and very happy to see our idols favorites in a concert.

In others bts news, have also revealed the whole truth about the rumors What is said about the band on the internet: 0 Discover the secrets of BTS!