BTS: What exactly do the initials used in the name of the band mean?

bts It is one of the most prominent bands within K-pop, but its name has only one particular meaning for the Spanish translation.

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Given all the rumors that have emerged in recent years, regarding the true meaning in the name of bts, there is only one correct one. Find out what the Spanish translation is for the popular South Korean band.

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Since when was BTS formed?

Notably bts is a South Korean group, which debuted exactly on June 13, 2013, with their popular song “No More Dream”. From the beginning of their career, the singers called their fans “Armys”, since it was the acronym they gave them for “Adorable Representative MC for Youth”, which in Spanish means: “Adorable MC Representative of Youth”.

On the other hand, the acronym he uses bts popularly it is the word “Bangtan Sonyeondan”, which when translated into Spanish means “Bulletproof Boy Scouts” or “Bulletproof Boys”.

However, it was the same Big Hit Music company, who confessed that before the official debut of bts the name they would use had already been changed. Even one of the names that had been chosen for the band was going to be “Big Kids”, since it was the first boyband of the aforementioned agency.

What is the meaning behind the acronym “BTS”?

For Korean culture, the name given to a person or group is very important, since the meaning will represent the future of their future. Also, through the years bts shortened its original name, to use the current acronym with which they are known worldwide today.

For a while the acronym was confused bts, with the acronym “between the scene”, which translated into Spanish means “behind the scenes”. However, the band later came out to clarify that this is not the real meaning, that they have as a group.

For his part, singer J-Hope of bts He explained that the meaning of his initials is for his fans to see them as: “a protection against all the criticism that arises for them and the prejudices that young people have daily.”

According to your company, bts He has always wanted to represent a youthful style and through his songs, seek to express the discontent they have with society so that they help others to improve themselves.

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BTS: What exactly do the initials used in the name of the band mean?