BTS spoils their concert in South Korea, but disappoints ARMY

In an announcement that the same bts he had said it was a secret, it turned out that everyone already knew. And she created the same reaction that your friend does when you tell her a gossip that is already known. No one was surprised with is”spoilers“that the group of k pop as revealed on a concert next.

Really the reaction of many fans of bts it was from “to well thank you”, because it seemed that everyone already knew except them. What about if He concert announced continues to create expectation and emotion, but something more was expected and not an announcement that was already known and that sounded more like a no-brainer than a novelty. Let’s review the facts a bit and see what went wrong in the announcement that was so disappointing for the ARMY.

What was the spoilers that bts ad?

All about the upcoming concert and the alleged spoiler revealed by BTS

In one of his presentations, bts announced that for concert from Busan they would show up there. This October 15 there will be a concert so that South Korea is taken into account for the 2030 World Cup. That is why a great gala and celebration is expected so that the FIFA committee is happy and they can choose the Asian country. And since Korea wants to show the best, bts will give the concert at the Expo where all this will take place.

Who knows what will happen with the World Cup in Korea, but we know that the spectacle of bts it will become one of the focus of attention not only for FIFA, but for everyone who loves the South Korean group. And since this information has been known for months, the announcement yes, but tenderness, but beyond that there was no more. Of course, the desire to see bts they never wane and remain strong at every moment.

how to see the concert from busan from bts?

Fortunately this concert It will be free and you will be able to see it at no cost other than the cost of sleep. The concert It will take place on April 15 and will be broadcast online on platforms such as Weverse, Zepeto and Naver Now. The only drawback is that it will be broadcast from 4 in the morning in Mexico. But if sleep is not an inconvenience for you, then you can enjoy this concert without any problem.

What did you think of the notice? bts about his concert in Busan and the supposed spoilers what did this mean? It is tender, without a doubt, nothing is really demanded of them. Follow us on our Instagram.

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BTS spoils their concert in South Korea, but disappoints ARMY