BTS: How much does each member of the Korean band earn from Instagram advertising?

is one of the most famous groups in the world, broke many records and has managed to replace more than one American artist on the popularity list. Their music is everywhere, they are the kings of social media, and they became the first Korean group to perform at the .

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In December 2021, the members of bts created their profiles because they were going to take a break as a band. They managed to reach the first million followers in a very short time and currently have more than 36 million followers profiled in their feed, who make everything that BTS can use go viral. We can say that we meet new influencers, due to their imminent success. So here comes the question: How much can each earn from advertising on the platform? We tell you here.

How much would BTS earn from advertising on Instagram?

Currently, it is estimated that sponsored ads on Instagram could cost more than $773,000. It should be noted that the members of bts they do not receive the money as such, since it depends on several factors: Number of followers, comments, likes, participation, etc. For its part, Speakrj, the specialized manager of social networks, shared an estimate of the value of the sponsored advertising revenue of bangtan on their respective Instagram accounts:

W: It has more than 47 million followers and the advertising cost range in its feed would be between 68 thousand to 810 thousand dollars.

Jin: He has 37.6 million followers and his likely cost of profit would be $67,000 to $809,000.

J Hope: With 36.7 million followers on his profile, the artist can earn between $37,000 and $449,000.

Jimin: He has 39.2 million followers and could be earning between $63,000 and $756,000.

suga: In his account he has 36.8 million followers with an average to earn of 54 thousand and 645 thousand dollars.

MRI: Currently his account is followed by 36.2 million people. Although he has chosen to hide the number of likes on his posts, we can estimate that his earnings would be between 16 thousand and 21 thousand dollars.

Jungkook: For its part, it has 43.5 million followers and can earn from $33,000 to $395,000.

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BTS: How much does each member of the Korean band earn from Instagram advertising?