BTS: how much does a private K-Pop band concert cost

The South Korean Youth Band has managed to conquer thousands of fans around the world and has become one of the most famous groups in recent years. It is no secret to anyone that even though the lyrics of their songs are in their original language, they have sold millions of albums in various countries and their presentations leave more than one surprised.

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Precisely, the fans of this boy band would give anything to be close to their idols and what better than in a private concert where they can interact with locals from Seoul. To do this, you must think about how much an event like this will cost, taking into account that It is a group with great world fame.

The fame of these seven young people has not been overnight, because for this they have had to work for many years in the creation of their songs, choreographies, merchandising, etc.

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The band is made up of Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook and thanks to their musical work they have managed to place one of their songs on the Billboard Hot 100 list with “Permission To Dance”, place which was occupied by “Butter” for seven consecutive weeks.

It should be taken into account that another of the characteristics of this group are the varied choreographies that its members perform and that are liked by its thousands of followers and fans.

The famous k-pop band is considered one of the most important in recent years (Photo: AFP)


The group It also stands out because its image is worth millions of dollars. Thus, an advertising agreement with the group generates huge profits because they are the most famous group on the entire planet. The seven young people managed to position themselves in 2020 as the richest Korean artists in their country.

They have a fortune of approximately 12 trillion won each, in addition, they are the image of the well-known Samsung brand.

South Korean company officially launches its new smartphones with BTS designs and that's what they look like. (Photo: Samsung)
South Korean company officially launches its new smartphones with BTS designs and that’s what they look like. (Photo: Samsung)


If someone wants to hire them for a private concert or for their birthday party, they should take into account that the cost is high considering that during their presentations in different parts of the world the venues are completely filled.

Thus, according to Korean media, in 2017, the group It had a cost of 900 million won, which is equivalent to about 800 thousand dollars.

But the price did not stop there, because shortly after the figure would increase to a trillion won; that is, 929 thousand dollars, although due to their fame they exceeded one million dollars.

Therefore, if someone wants the seven young people to perform a private concert, they will have to pay the sum of between 1.3 to 5 million dollars to be able to hire them.

Not only that, well, the company must be paid in advance BigHit. As part of the cost, the payment to the entire staff team that travels with them is included, as well as the security members, audio engineers, managers, stylists, among others.


The mysterious woman who has been instrumental in the creation of the albums of BTS and has delighted with his voice in various songs is none other than Park Soo Hyun, better known as Adora. The young Korean artist is a songwriter and, since 2016, is the only female producer in Big Hit, being secluded through audition “2016 Next New Creator”.


We all know the great friendships that have been formed within the group. One of them is and The latter made him promise something to his unconditional: that on his birthday, next October 13, he would give him a painting of his painted By himself.

And it is that in addition to being a dancer, vocalist, director, producer and composer, the artist likes art and on several occasions he has not hesitated to share images of his hand-painted paintings on his social networks. It is even known that he designed the drawings of the stickers that BTS included in their album “BE”.

Because this talent could not go unnoticed, Jimin came up with the idea to ask him for one, this after Jungkook gave his partner a portrait for his birthday. Although at the beginning he told him that he should give one to each one when the time was right, the fact that his birthday is near has been a reason to remind him.


Due to the fame that the seven young people have, it is a bit difficult for them to maintain a relationship, since they are constantly traveling to different countries.

However, what is known is that both Jungkook, Suga and Jimin have had their girlfriends before joining the group and becoming famous, despite this their romances were short-lived.

Although they are currently single, there have been many rumors that they have dated unknown girls. Also, ARMY remembers when V had his first kiss.


When Taehyung (V) was 17 years old, he had his first kiss but this event was broadcast on television and he did it with one of his groupmates.

Precisely, this happened in 2013, when the group had a reality show called “Rookie King” and the promotions of this program consisted of making parodies of other Korean programs.

The first information we have is that this was a punishment for V and J-Hope for which they were forced to kiss in front of the cameras. As indicated this was the first time that V kissed a person.

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Due to the fame that the seven young people have, it is a bit difficult for them to maintain a relationship, since they are constantly traveling to different countries (Photo: IMDB)
Due to the fame that the seven young people have, it is a bit difficult for them to maintain a relationship, since they are constantly traveling to different countries (Photo: IMDB)


While “No more dream” was the single with which debuted in 2013, “NO”Almost became the last song of the band consisting of V, Suga, Jungkook, Jin, RM, Jimin and J-Hope.

The BigHit agency was about to go bankrupt, but their CEO Bang Si Hyuk decided to trust and bet on them, who were supposed to be a rap group. After the release of their first mini album “-O! RUL8,2? ”, Whose main theme was“ NO ”, the possibility of dissolving the group arose.

Due to a severe financial crisis, BigHit could not bear the cost of a K-Pop group, so he considered dissolving the band and offered to pursue a solo career. However, he did not abandon his companions. Thanks to the decision of their leader, BTS was saved to the joy of ARMY.

According to , the group even had to assume the cost of the extras that appeared in their music videos, and they ate in a simple and small restaurant to reduce expenses.

Even Jin took things from home to help his classmates during their apprenticeship years. But over time they achieved world fame and managed to accumulate many successes thanks to their songs.

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