BTS announces a break to “find their identity”: “We are going through a difficult time”

Three days after his first anthology album proof have seen the light, bts has announced your temporary break. It was at the BTS FESTA, the event they celebrate every year to commemorate their anniversary, where they wanted to open their thoughts and share them with all their fans.

In the video they have published, you can see how the seven members of the group enjoy a delicious meal in company. They have taken advantage of the occasion to be honest with the followers who are on the other side of the screen, making it clear that they want to take this break to explore their professional facets individually and thus find their identity.

“We have always thought of them [sus fans] and it is now when we think about which artists we each want to be for the fans and that is why we are going through a difficult time. We are trying to find our identity. That’s why we’re exhausted and need more time,” says Jimin, a member of the group.

But along with this message comes another one of hope and with an eye on the future. They are clear that they still have a lot to tell them and that BTS does not end here. And it is that this break is going to be very beneficial, since they confess that it was beginning to be forced for them to write songs because they felt that they had nothing to say. In fact, they assure that this break will also serve them so that, on their return, they will have many things to tell each other.

As we mentioned in previous lines, this is just a point and followed in the trajectory of the group. They will now focus on their solo projects, which will help them expand their knowledge, deepen their thoughts and share all this with their followers. Suga wonders what would happen if he offered a concert exclusively for rap, although he concludes that “it would not be fun”. For this reason he wants to delve into new styles and explore other sounds in which he may also feel comfortable.

For its part, J-Hope will be the first to show us these new individual projects. This is what he has confessed in the new FESTA, where he has assured that he has worked hard to make this happen. At the moment it is one of those confirmed for the Lollapalooza festival, so it is likely that we will hear new music from the South Korean at this event.

And not only that. From now on they will not release mixtapes, but rather albums full of new songs that will become the soundtrack for their millions of fans.

In short, this break is more than necessary for each and every one of these artists. Taking a breath is something that they feel is the best thing for them right now, and we are sure that it is something that their fans will understand perfectly. It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later. There is still BTS for a while. Now all that remains is to wait to find out what his next step is.

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BTS announces a break to “find their identity”: “We are going through a difficult time”