BTS: 5 tips to get idols’ attention at a concert

Have you been to any Bangtan concert? Well, maybe you want to go to one of them anyway and get the attention of your favorite member, here we have some tips so that you can catch the eye of one of the BTS idols.

The concerts They are probably the best experience in the Universe, there is nothing that compares to the feeling of finally seeing your idol favorite, realizing that it is not a battle, that it is real, made of flesh and blood is something magnificent that will remain forever in your memory.

And not only is there nothing better than singing at the top of your lungs each song on the setlist and sharing with thousands of ARMYs the love and admiration for Bangtan Sonyeondan that many times in daily life can be misunderstood, therefore, you must enlist your Armybomb and learn all the songs for a bts concert.

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As soon as the concerts return, there will surely be a chance for the Bangtan Boys visit your country, so we will give you 5 tips to attract the attention of your bias in Bangtan; although take into account that you must have a ticket for an area close to the stage for better effects and also that there are many more people in the concert: 0.

How to get BTS’s attention at a concert?

Sings as loud as you can each BTS song and so there is a great chance that idols will turn to see you, artists love to realize how their fans know all the lyrics his songs so singing super loud and knowing the songs can work.

As a good ARMY, you already know all the Bangtan songs, right?

Khé? Really, cry sometimes it helps to get noticed, because idols will tell you ‘do not Cry’ or they will want to make you smile if they realize you are crying, so if your tears come fangirl in a concert from BTS, let them out that can make your bias see you and comfort you.

Although if you use this tip, it would be better if you do not go to the concert with makeup or your makeup will be totally ruined TnT.

Try to dress differently to the others fans from BTS how? well, there you come in creativityMaybe you can wear glow-in-the-dark clothes or wear an extravagant look that ends up impressing the members of Bangtan: 0.

Maybe he could also wear some band-inspired outfit or an iconic look from your bias and he’ll realize that you went out of your way to mimic his look ;).

Ever Jimin said he was impressed to see a fan who wore a flag from South Korea to one of their concerts, this could serve as a noticeada, a flag of the country of origin of Bangtan or the country they are visiting could help.

Can you imagine that your favorite idol asks you for the flag that you brought to his concert? That’s all a dream: ‘).

KHÉ? x2, ever Jin One fan said that while everyone else was singing, dancing, screaming, crying and doing more for the attention, this fan was still and that got her attention, so … maybe show you indifferent it can help attract attention.

Well, these are some tips to get the attention of Bangtan in a concert, when you go to one and if you do, do not hesitate to tell us.

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