Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), waiter for a day: “I get more nervous serving beers than on stage” –

July 5, 2023 3:32 pm
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It’s not every day when you order a pint of beer in a bar that the one in charge of filling your glass and serving it to you is the vocalist of your favorite band, but in the past Friday, June 30this was what, by surprise, a hundred members of the fan club of Iron Maidento those who Bruce Dickinson served behind the bar of the brewery robinsons, ensuring that “I get more nervous serving beers than on stage.”

The celebration of the tenth anniversary of the collaboration between the aforementioned beer company and La Doncella, launching the successful and award-winning beer “The Trooper”was the event attended by one hundred lucky members of the fan club, who won a special tour of the Robinsons facilities, where the wide range of beers that carry the Iron Maiden quality guarantee are brewed.

As reported Manchester Evening Newsthe surprise came when Bruce Dickinson appeared behind the bar ready to be in charge of serving the “Trooper” drank by those attending the event in which the achievement of having sold more than 35 million pints worldwide since the launch in 2013 of the Premium Ale that is already exported to almost seventy countries around the world.

Last May 9 the aforementioned tenth anniversary was fulfilled, for which it must be remembered that Iron Maiden and Robinsons prepared the release of a special edition of “Trooper”, a Imperial Stout of 10 degrees created hand in hand between Bruce Dickinson and the head brewer of Robinsons, Martyn Weeks. This edition is available at and in the special “Trooper” section of Drinks Aisle.

Strictly musically, Iron Maiden continues to furrow the concerts that will include the band’s next tour of our country, in which the album ‘Somewhere in Time’ will be of fundamental importance, as well as the rest of the classics that cannot be missing from their concerts. The dates of the “The Future Past Tour”, with stops on July 18 in Barcelona, ​​on the 20th in Murcia and on the 22nd in Bilbao. the tickets They are for sale at this link..

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Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), waiter for a day: “I get more nervous serving beers than on stage” –