Britney Spears criticizes Christina Aguilera for avoiding question on red carpet

Britney Spears He criticized Christina Aguilera for awkwardly avoiding a question about her during a Latin Grammys red carpet appearance.

Singer, who was released from her controversial legal fix last week, He posted an Instagram story last night (November 19) where he shared his displeasure at the televised moment.

During the conversation, a reporter asks Aguilera if she has had any contact with Spears since her guardianship ended.

Aguilera’s publicist interrupts and leads the singer away from the group of reporters, commenting: “No, we are not going to do that tonight. Sorry”.

Aguilera makes a face and tells the reporter that she can’t answer the question, although she adds: “But I’m happy for her.”

On her Instagram, Spears commented, “I love and adore everyone who supported me… but refusing to speak up when you know the truth is tantamount to a lie!

Britney Spears criticized Christina Aguilera on her Instagram stories

(Instagram/Britney Spears)

“Thirteen years in a corrupt and abusive system, and yet why is it such a difficult topic for people to talk about? I’m the one who went through it! Everyone who supported me who spoke and supported me, thank you … yes, I do matter! ”.

The Independent se has contacted Aguilera representatives for comment.

In the same series of stories, Spears thanked Lady Gaga, who gave a long answer when asked about the end of Spears’ guardianship.

“Thank you Lady Gaga for genuinely taking the time to say something so kind,” he wrote. “You made me cry! I love you”.

Aguilera had previously voiced her support for Spears, with whom she rose to fame as a child star in Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club, and then as pop megastars during the 1990s, in June after Spears testified in court about her guardianship.

“It is unacceptable that any woman, or human being, who wishes to have control of her own destiny is not allowed to live as she wishes,” Aguilera said.

Earlier this week, Spears said she believes her parents “should be in jail” because of the way they treated her under guardianship.

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Britney Spears criticizes Christina Aguilera for avoiding question on red carpet