Brian May cries in concert when he sees a hologram of Fredie Mercury

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Though Freddie Mercury He died several years ago, his legacy continues and is remembered by many, such as Brian May, who for many years was one of the singer’s friends and bandmates. And recently, the guitarist was moved to see a hologram of the Queen vocalist.

Thanks to technology we can now “bring back” some famous people who died several years ago by means of holograms, such has been the case of Michael Jackson, as well as Freddie Mercury, who makes an appearance on the tour that What in performs alongside Adam Lambert.

It was at one of the most recent Queen concerts that Brian May was visibly moved to remember Freddie Mercury and see him through a hologram. It all happened when the guitarist performs alongside a hologram of Freddie Mercury the song Love of my life, one of the great songs of the band, when the musician can’t help but cry.

Although during almost the entire interpretation of the theme he was calm and observing the public while he played his acoustic guitar, near the end Brian May turned to see the hologram of Freddie Mercury and interacted with him a bit.

At one point in the performance, Brian May pretended to touch Freddie Mercury’s hand and then turned to see his guitar and inevitably cried for a moment, but immediately she wiped away her tears.

This was recorded in several videos that Queen fans shared on their social networks and that have gone viral. Many highlight the great affection that Brian May feels for Freddie Mercury.

On different occasions the guitarist said that for him the death of Freddie Mercury was a very strong blow in his life, since he not only lost his bandmate, but also to one of his best friends.


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Brian May cries in concert when he sees a hologram of Fredie Mercury