Brazilian singer MC Kevin died after trying to jump into the pool

A singer funk Brazilian, MC Kevin, 23 years old, he died this Sunday after falling from the fourth floor of a hotel in Rio de Janeiro when, according to versions, he would have wanted to jump into the pool. The death of the young man, who was a recognized figure in the musical environment, was lamented by the footballer Neymar, among other celebrities.

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After the fall, which occurred in a hotel in Barra da Tijuca, Kevin Nascimento Bueno (real name of the musician) was taken to the Miguel Couto Hospital due to the serious injuries suffered. “Unfortunately the patient did not resist and died,” reported sources from the municipal Health Secretariat around 9 pm on Sunday.

The singer was one of the most successful in the world of funk on Brazil, and his song “Pra inveja e tchau” had 220 million visits on social networks. On Instagram alone, he had 8.6 million followers. MC Kevin was a native of São Paulo and was in Rio preparing a recital that was going to be held next Saturday at a nightclub in the north of Rio.

The young man was staying at the hotel with his wife, attorney Deolane Bezerra, and his production team. Both his partner and those who accompanied him declared this Monday at the police station and in principle the suicide hypothesis is ruled out, according to the GloboNews news channel.

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The Police confirmed this Monday that they suspect Nascimento Good, who was in the prime of his career, tried to jump into the pool from the balcony of the fifth floor of a hotel but his head hit the edge.

The musician He had been married two weeks ago on a Mexican beach and had shared with his wife the last show he gave, in a nightclub in Barra de Tijuca, west of River, Saturday.

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Several figures from the artistic world, such as Nego do Borel, Dennis DJ and Jojo Todynho, lamented the fact. “You can’t believe it, a 23-year-old boy, I swear I don’t know what to say … I thank you for the love you had for me,” he wrote. Neymar, who put a black ribbon on his Instagram profile.