Bombshell: Clara Chía’s father’s first words after Shakira’s song

The father of Clara Chia Marti has spoken, for the first time and through the media, to comment on how his daughter is after the song published by Shakira beside bizarrein which he remembers the young girlfriend of Gerard Piqué on several occasions. All the commotion caused has led to a reaction from the families, within a scandal that seems to still have several weeks of boom and reactions left.

The song, which exceeds 123 million views through Youtube, where the official video in the studio of the Argentine producer is also published, has revolutionized music both in the strictly musical sense and in the morbid one, due to the lyrics, more than controversial, designed by Shakira to try to ridicule Gerard Piquéhis ex-partner and father of his two children, and his current girlfriend, the young model and influencer Clara Chia Marti.

As a result of the attacks on Clara Chia, The reaction has come from the young woman’s family, based in Barcelonaand specifically by his father, who would have spoken with the program Mediaset, save me, specialized in matters of the heart, to talk about his daughter’s state of mind. It was not in the first person, but through a journalist, Mayte Atmellawho was the one who revealed what is thought of the song from the couple’s environment.

«The research team of this program has also spoken with the father of Clara Chía. Well, Clara Chía’s father is divineHe says that he doesn’t like this type of music at all, that he listens to classical music, and that he’s more into Bach and Vivaldi, and that he doesn’t go to bars. Regarding her daughter, she has told us that she is sure that she is very well, “he said exclusively.

It was not specified whether the father of Clara Chia He is a fan of classical music or if his musical references were more of a hint towards Shakira, turning a deaf ear to a song in which the musical, for many, takes a backseat considering all the poignant content of the lyrics. The Colombian singer, who at the time had a great relationship with the family of Piquenow receives the following verdict, after the premiere of the BZRP Music Sessions #53.

Piqué’s family also thinks

«They don’t care if life is going well or badly, but they ask him to disappear from their lives permanently. They are worried about the trial because they know it will take forever. They even talk about the manipulation that Shakira is exercising against the family of her ex-partner “, they commented in the same program of Save me about what the family of gerard about Shakira, wanting her to go as far as possible and leave her son and his new girlfriend alone, Clara Chia Marti.

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Bombshell: Clara Chía’s father’s first words after Shakira’s song