Black Eyed Peas to stream concert from Egypt’s pyramids

19 Sep 2021 – 8:25 p.m. m.

On October 2,,, Taboo and J. Rey Soul will perform their most emblematic songs at the concert “Where is the LoveStream Black Eyed Peas”, which will be broadcast live.

On October 2, the Black Eyed Peas will mark a new milestone in their musical career by offer a concert from a unique enclave: the pyramids of Egypt. En “Where is the LoveStream Black Eyed Peas”.,, Taboo and J. Rey Soul will perform their most emblematic songs in a concert that will be broadcast live. Followers of the American band can now purchase their tickets and VIP passes for the historic concert with prices ranging from 9.99 to 75 euros through LIVENow.

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“During the year we have missed the stage and our fans. We are incredibly proud to be able to perform from the pyramids of Egypt, and also to be able to broadcast it live to our fans around the world, ”notes aware of the public“ they have missed live music as much as we do. “

“That is why we are eager to celebrate and dance with all of you, wherever you are,” says the artist who together with his three companions will offer a unique concert from one of the most historically rich places in the world in a performance that the band intends to be “An international celebration of music, love and unity.”

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In addition to the hundreds of thousands of fans who will follow the concert in streaming from all over the world, on October 2 in Egypt they will also be accompanied by 1,000 lucky fans who will enjoy successes como como “Shut Up”, “Let’s Get It Started” “Boom Boom Pow”, “I Got A Feeling” y, por su puesto, su ya clásico “Where Is The Love?”.

The entrances

Tickets to follow the concert are already on sale on the LIVENow website with several options ranging from general admission priced at 9.99 euros, to a VVIP package that for 75 euros gives access not only to the concert, but also to unpublished images behind the scenes, an access to the live broadcast from the prelude to the stage, an exclusive piece of digital art signed by the band and one of 200 limited edition lithographic illustrations.

With more than 35 million albums sold in their 25-year musical career, the Black Eyed Peas is one of the most successful groups to accumulates, among other awards, a total of 6 Grammy awards.

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