Billy Ray Cyrus Confirms Engagement With Singer Younger Than His Daughter Miley Cyrus

For more than a year, Firerose and Billy Ray Cyrus began their relationship after collaborating on a song, and in mid-October, she appeared wearing a diamond ring that raised suspicions of an engagement. Finally, Billy Ray, 61, confirms that yes, Firerose, 28, is his fiancée.

It was through ‘People’ magazine that Billy Ray Cyrus revealed that he did ask the Australian singer, his “soul mate”, and that he is currently very well on a sentimental level.

In April of this 2022, Tish Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus separated, after almost 30 years of marriage, and then, in October, a source close to her daughter announced that Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray had distanced themselves since he he divorced and began his courtship with Firerose.

Miley Cyrus’s father seems to be ready to go down the aisle again, judging by the latest photos that the young Firerose has uploaded to her Instagram, in which they appear posing with trees and she, above all, wearing a huge diamond ring embedded in the ring finger.

The truth is that no one knows very well who this Australian singer is, whose real name is not known since she has always presented herself as Firerose, but only that she has published some country songs -which she has recorded for the most part in Los Angeles with his partner- and who has just bought a house in Sydney.

Likewise, and where most of the criticism comes from, is his age, also unknown, and the difference between the two. However, from some statements she made in 2021 it is known that she has to be in her twenties: then she said that she and Billy Ray met “ten years ago, on the set of Hannah Montana” when she was a teenager.

For some time now, Firerose’s Instagram account has gone monothematic, only appearing alongside Billy Ray. According to some fans, in addition, the couple would have been engaged since at least September 13, because that day Firerose wore said ring in the front row of Nashville’s Music Row.

According to some fans, this is precisely why Miley Cyrus has not only removed the ‘Ray’ from her name on Twitter but also the reason why she no longer follows her father on Instagram, something that happened last month of August.

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Billy Ray Cyrus Confirms Engagement With Singer Younger Than His Daughter Miley Cyrus