Bildu, Podemos and IE harass differentiated education in Navarra and ask to rescind the concert

The parliamentary groups of EH Bildu, Podemos and IE consider that there is “non-compliance” of the school centers that differ by sex of the agreement reached with Education and believe that the Department should take measures such as rescission of the concert. Na +, however, says that Education did not say anything in his day when he learned that these centers were going to apply the mixture by sex progressively and believes that “the equality“.

In statements to the media, the spokesperson for Navarra Suma, Javier Esparza, He pointed out that “the schools have already announced what they were going to do and the Government did not say anything, did not say that it was insufficient; it did not seem bad and if not, let it be clarified.” He has warned that from his group “we are not going to continue renouncing the freedom of families” and added that “there has been a attack on families, equality has been broken. “” There is a loss of rights from sectarianism and radicalism, “he said.

The socialist Ramon Alzórriz He has indicated that “if we are talking about this it is because there has been a counselor and a progressive and courageous government that after 60 years have put it on the table.” As he said, now “the reports and make the decision based on the laws in force. “

For its part, Uxue Barkos, from Geroa Bai has stated that “the Department of Education reached an agreement with these centers and is the one who must establish whether there is law enforcement or not, and therefore the application of the law in all its dimension “.

From EH Bildu, Adolfo Araiz has stated that “these schools have fled for a cat flap and have sought a solution that does not correspond to the regulations.” “The Department has to analyze whether the legislation, which we believe not, “he said, to indicate that” if there is a refusal and it continues like this, the concerts must be rescinded. “

The spokesperson for Podemos, Mikel Bull, it has indicated that the Department of Education has to “rescind the concerts”. “It takes a position of strength, this is not negotiated, this is an agreement and there is a betrayal of the agreement. We will have to take action on the matter in a belligerent way, “he said.

Finally, the IE parliamentarian, Marisa de Simón, has stated that “the Department of Education has to act immediately” with these centers and demand that “all classrooms be coeducational and coeducational“In his opinion, what these centers have done is” tease us. “

Article: Soure