Between Coldplay, Daddy Yankee and Guns N’ Roses: the U leaves the National Stadium for the concert parade – La Tercera

At the University of Chile they see a new problem. Or, at least, an alteration to your planning. The Blues had planned to play against Audax Italiano on September 29, but they ran into an obstacle: that day, Daddy Yankee will perform his farewell show at the National Stadium. The clash of dates is in sight.

The Ñuñoa redoubt, which will be available for use during that date, was reserved in advance by Azul Azul for the day of the Puerto Rican artist’s concert. As usual, the laity, at the beginning of the season, delivered the budgeted dates for the sporting events that would take place during the 2022 season. Beyond traveling to different regions of the country to exercise locality, in the laity it was assumed that during the second semester, the country’s main coliseum would host their meetings.

The arrival of the San Juan-born artist, however, left all the planning up in the air. Daddy Yankee, according to his tour, scheduled to come to Santiago on September 29. And faced with the deadline, considering the hours required to set up and take down a stage, the students had no other alternative than to give up the venue for the duels against the Italics.

The Ministry of Sport, when consulted by Sporting, acknowledges that the National was scheduled by the University of Chile to be used on September 29. “Universidad de Chile had reserved the National Stadium for September 29. However, he later withdrew from this reservation”, he tells this medium. The problem is deeper for the students: the weekend of October 2 and 3 was already scheduled by Guns N’ Roses, who will hold their event on the 5th of that same month.

In Azul Azul they deliver their version. “Indeed, we had the National Stadium booked for September 29 and 30, because the weekend of October 1 and 2 was booked for Guns N’ Roses concert preparations. However, the date fell between these two massive events. Therefore, we saw that it was very difficult for the playing field to be in a position to be used for a First Division match”They say from the club.

“Between September 21 and 25, there will be four Coldplay concerts. It is logical to think that the field will not be in good condition. In that sense, as a club we prefer to look for another venue, which is already being managed”, they add.

The reasons, as explained by the concessionaire, lie mainly in the wear and tear that the grass would suffer. Beyond the show that the Puerto Rican will perform, which is expected to be attended by more than 50,000 people, including the presence of thousands of fans on the field, It should be considered that the previous week there will be four concerts by the Coldplay group (September 21, 23, 24 and 25) that could cause significant damage to the program.

From Bizarro, the company that organizes the Daddy Yankee show in Chile, they refer to the date limit. Incidentally, they assure that there was no financial compensation to Universidad de Chile. “Bizarro Entertainment SpA, the company that produces and organizes the Daddy Yankee concert in Chile, of which I am Entertainment Manager, has not signed or agreed any payment with La U for said event”Daniel Merino pointed out.

Faced with such a scenario, the students will have to go out again to look for a stadium. El Nacional, which has suffered a delay in its reopening, considering that its delivery was promised for March, will continue to be a problem for lay people. In the club, beyond giving up the redoubt thinking of the good of the team, they bet on being able to convince Unión Española to lease them the Santa Laura.

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Between Coldplay, Daddy Yankee and Guns N’ Roses: the U leaves the National Stadium for the concert parade – La Tercera