Belinda and Christian Nodal: Video shows the moment in which the singer has an ugly gesture with his fiancée

Belinda and Christian Nodal are once again at the center of the controversy after the publication of a video during the singer’s birthday celebration.

Belinda celebrated in a peculiar way Nodal, her fiancé, and this gesture did not please the Sonoran interpreter. His reaction was such that the video began to circulate on social networks and his followers consider that he made an “ugly outrage” on his girlfriend.

The recording shows the couple celebrating in a restaurant the supposed birthday of the singer of Goodbye Love, Since despite being born on January 11, several people got together for dinner and jokingly began to sing “Happy Birthday” to him.

Among the people who are eating with the couple is make-up artist Alfonso Waithsman, a close friend of both.

Belinda begins to keep up with the song by hitting a ceramic plate with a metal spoon. Seconds later, Christian Nodal, visibly upset, takes his fiancée by the hand so that she stops making noise with the silverware.

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At the beginning of the video, Nodal is seen having fun and smiling while his friends sing to him accompanied by a grape with a candle, simulating a birthday cake.

However, despite her fiancé’s reaction, the video shows Belinda laughing without giving too much thought to the situation.

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“Don’t be such a jerk, let Belinda express herself freely”, “How bitter she just wanted to party with you and join in the celebration”, “Hopefully Belinda opens her eyes and realizes that you are not the prince charming she thinks” and “What a macho man, Belinda gets sad after he throws his hand,” were some of the comments from Belinda’s fans who criticized the singer’s attitude.

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However, some netizens defended Christian Nodal by stating that Belinda was being “ridiculous” by joining the celebration in that way.

“Oh, let him be tired, he works hard” and “Well done so that it is not ridiculous”, other users published in defense of the Sonoran singer.

This is not the first time that Christian Nodal has a considered macho attitude towards Belinda, since he has been seen jealous of his fiancee before the flattery of a reporter and monitoring her for more than 16 hours in a photo shoot.

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Belinda and Christian Nodal: Video shows the moment in which the singer has an ugly gesture with his fiancée