Barcelona celebrated Cruïlla, a music festival in a “safe bubble” free of covid

For the artists it has been a difficult year and a half without being on stage, while for the public, the experience of enjoying a festival seemed very distant. However, despite doubts and criticism, Cruilla managed to create a “Safe bubble” in the Parque del Forum to enjoy 3 days of music, dance and comedy. With antigen tests every day before entering the festival, with masks and without distances, the Cruïlla brings us one step closer to the return of “normality”.

From the organization, many considerations were taken to respect the Covid19 protocol inside and outside the venue: around 400 toilets spent three days in a space exclusively destined to perform antigen tests on people who came to enjoy the concerts. Meanwhile, there were many staff inside handing out certified mandatory use masks and making sure people wore them as much as possible. Outside the Forum Park, guards and police officers made sure that people did not concentrate to eat and drink in the street before entering the concerts.

“We are going to make this summer a festival for 25,000 people, jumping and hugging, as before,” explained the director of the festival.

Back to concerts without distance and being able to dance, has undoubtedly been what the public thanked the most. To the rhythm of Rayden, Lágrimas de Sangre, Kase O, Amaral, Ana Tijoux, Delafé, Two Door Cinema Club, Fuel Fandango, Morcheba, Dorian, Joan Garriga among many more, the afternoons and nights from Thursday to Saturday were animated in the Forum . Cruïlla has become the first festival in Europe to open a venue for 25,000 people for three days without distances.

For the moment, the experience seems to have been successful, but as the COVID numbers continue to rise in Europe, it is reconsidered