Band of the ‘Guitar Hero’ reveals how little the video game paid them to use their music

At some point in history, the famous video game, ‘GuitarHero‘, came to record a total of $25 billion dollars of profit for its total sale of video games, units and special editions in its history. However, that does not mean that when Activision began to contact bands to be part of the video game, the payment was just as billionaire.

recently through MSwe have learned that the British band, dragonforcewhom many people eventually met thanks to his success Through the Fire and the Flamesreceived such a miniscule payment that Herman Li honestly can’t remember even being able to use the money to buy anything from the store:

“They paid us $3,000.00 dollars for the song; not pounds, dollars. Divide that by the number of members, right? Now add the manager fee and the label fee.

I honestly don’t remember if I was even able to buy anything with that money.”

But beware, it’s not all complaints. Herman Li shared through a TikTok that the reality is that the band never felt cheated since at the time, they were aware of the true exposure that a video game like this could offer them in an era of reggaeton and electronic music:

“The reality is that we are a guitar band and nobody on the radio was going to play a track with 7 minutes of guitar solos. So what did GuitarHero for us was basically putting ourselves on the map of a young audience that otherwise wouldn’t have connected with us.

So thank you Guitar Hero for reminding the world that bands with guitars exist.”

And you, what band did you meet through GuitarHero?

In other newsif you miss playing GuitarHeroit is possible that the title will be added to the list of games that Netflix could upload to your platform in the future.

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Band of the ‘Guitar Hero’ reveals how little the video game paid them to use their music