Bad Bunny’s fever in Lima: Young people tell the time with ventures for the ‘Bad Rabbit’ concert

Young Peruvians focused their businesses on the fever for Bad Bunny in Lima.

The creativity of Peruvians has no limits. Now what bad bunny will be presented in Lima this Sunday, November 13 and Monday, November 14, dozens of young people have managed to sell products or services related to the ‘Bad bunny.’ All these ventures are promoted through social networks, especially on the platform TikTok

I’m painting clothes for the Bad Bunny concert”, announced César Elias Quiroz, owner of the Boofer Arte enterprise, showing users his talent for painting. If you are interested in ‘decorating’ your garments with the best of bad bunnyyou can write a message to Boofer Arte’s Instagram.

Bad Bunny custom clothing | TikTok

Another enthusiastic Internet user who was encouraged to start her own business is Andrea, whose username in Twitter is @andreavilladbil. “I’ll be selling these Benito keychains outside the stadium for only 10 soles. I sewed them myself and everything, I hope you can support me, they are big and fluffy, “he said on the social network. You can find it around the José Díaz Stadium.

Sale of Bad Bunny keychains. (twitter)
Sale of Bad Bunny keychains. (twitter)

In the case of the Koouzen brand, they are selling the glasses that the interpreter of ‘I behave pretty‘ at their musical shows. “There are browns and blacks, with a yellow moon, transparent, pale pink, fluorescent yellow and more. Let’s make out of the Bad Bunny concert early, prices start at S/ 15, you can still separate the models if you write to my WhatsApp”, said the young entrepreneur.

They put on sale glasses that Bad Bunny uses in his concerts | TikTok @koouzen

On the other hand, if you are thinking of going to the concert of bad bunny in Lima and you don’t know where to store your things, tote bags are a good option. Entrepreneurship Moda Closet has released an inspiration inspired by the album ‘a summer without you‘.

“We look for the best quality and super resistant fabric. The cut and sewing are in charge of my grandfather. We have 6 designs! Perfect for the beach, for university or to combine them with your outfit”, they announced on their networks. Prices range from S/ 25 to S/ 35.

Tote bags inspired by Bad Bunny. (Instagram/
Tote bags inspired by Bad Bunny. (Instagram/

The girls from ‘Brillos y Trenzas’ are dedicated to doing hair and makeup for the fans of different national and international artists. They went viral for their work done on the Daddy Yankee show, and now they want to repeat the dish with the two scheduled dates of bad bunny in Lima. You can look for them outside the National Stadium. Prices range from S/ 10, depending on the difficulty of the hairstyle.

''Brillos y Trenzas' will be present at Bad Bunny's concerts in Peru.
”Brillos y Trenzas’ will be present at Bad Bunny’s concerts in Peru.

Yudy Horna is a young designer who mixed her talent for graphic design with her passion for music to start a t-shirt business. The garments were a success and quickly sold out in the queues at the Coldplay concert in Peru. She hopes to return to generating great sales with the show of bad bunny. “Are you bored with generic designs? I present you with some great options for the concert, ”she detailed in TikTok.

T-shirts for the Bad Bunny concert in Lima | TikTok @whyyudywhy


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Bad Bunny’s fever in Lima: Young people tell the time with ventures for the ‘Bad Rabbit’ concert