Bad Bunny fans are already queuing outside the National Stadium for the concert on November 13

Bad Bunny fans at the National Stadium three weeks before the concert. TikTok

after the fever daddy yankee start the of bad bunnyso the followers of the Bad bunnybecause they are already forming a large queue on the outskirts of the National Stadium to be one of the first to enter and see your favorite singer up close. As you remember, the artist’s shows will be held on November 13 and 14.

A user of TikTok published a video where he expresses his surprise to see that they are already camping on the outskirts of the National Stadium, waiting for the first concert of the interpreter of ‘Tití Me Preguntó’. The recording dates from October 20, according to the netizen, who does not hesitate to ask and the fans. “Friend, what is she for?”, Questioned the young woman. “For bad bunny”, replied a fan. “Since now?” She couldn’t help but answer the rather astonished netizen.

The next day he returned to see how the queue was going, realizing that it was much longer. After showing the images, the user told the fans to take their precautions those who have tickets for the Platinium zone.

Bad Bunny will give two concerts in Lima, on November 13 and 14. Instagram/TikTok

Bad Bunny will perform two concerts in Peru, on Sunday, November 13 and Monday, November 14. Both shows sold out just a few hours after ticket sales began.

– The recommended audience is for young people over 14 years old.

They can enter from the age of 7 accompanied by an adult, each with their ticket.

– Take precautions and leave early to avoid crossing traffic that forms that day

– Respect the indications provided by the venue and/or the measures in force on the day of the concert.

– Do not post your entries on social networks

– If you are going to buy tickets from a third party, it is better that it be a known or close person. The best thing to do is not to buy tickets from resellers, since you will not have any type of guarantee in case of a claim. Many times, these people use false names, IDs and addresses to capture their audience and scam them.


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Bad Bunny fans are already queuing outside the National Stadium for the concert on November 13